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How Much Do You Know About Hotel Toiletries?

The hotel shaver is composed of razor + shaving cream. Generally, a manual razor is used. The main body of a manual razor is the blade head. The most important part of the blade head is the blade. The quality of the blade directly determines the quality of the blade head, and also determines the entire blade. Good or bad razors. The quality of the blades, the number and density of the blades, and the angle of the blades are all issues to consider. In terms of quality, the blade edge of the blade needs to have enough toughness and as little resistance as possible to ensure smooth shaving and durability. Shaving cream is a chemical agent that increases shaving comfort and enhances shaving effect. The role of shaving cream is generally to be antibacterial and lubricating, as well as to protect the skin by reducing friction between the blade and the skin during shaving.

Combs, combs are also essential in the disposable products in the hotel. The combs used in the hotel are actually not much different, mainly divided into two types: wooden combs and plastic combs. The quality of combs used in hotels of different grades will vary. Hair grooming is an integral part of grooming, and correct hair grooming can beautify your appearance, protect your hair, and keep your brain healthy.

Hotel Slippers are also essential in the disposable products in the hotel. The most common ones are coral fleece, plush, short plush and suede. Disposable slippers are generally used in five-star hotels, guesthouses, homes, and hospitality. Shoe length: 29.5cm, thickness 5mm, made of EVA wavy bottom TC cut velvet fabric. There are also satin fabrics, velvet, fleece, cotton velvet, terry cloth, Korean velvet, cotton cloth, leather, etc. Basically, the fabrics that can be used in clothing can be used to make slippers.

Soap, as one of the most common and widely used personal cleaning products, is also essential in hotel supplies. The main component of soap is sodium fatty acid, which is basically saponified from oil (vegetable oil or animal oil).

Soaps are divided into soaps with high acid-base strength and plant weak-base and weak-acid soaps. After washing with soaps with high acid-base strength, the PH of the skin surface will increase greatly, which will cause certain irritation to highly allergic skin and cause various discomforts. It feels that strong acid and strong alkali will also wash away the lipid layer on the surface of the skin, making the skin dry. The use of plant weak base and weak acid soap does not affect the skin's own recovery ability, and the skin surface can restore the original PH value within 15-30 minutes after washing.

Shower gel, a must-have product in hotel supplies. Also known as shower gel, it refers to a liquid cleaning agent used in the bath. Body wash doesn't feel as hard as soap when it touches people's skin.

It can be selected from five factors: foam degree, clarity, pH value, permeability and price. Generally, the foam is more and the foam is fine and smooth. Generally, a clearer body wash is better. If it is detected with PH test paper, the PH value is between 5 and 6, which is weakly acidic, like amino acid body wash, which can protect the skin environment and has strong cleaning power. Apply the shower gel directly on the skin to see how the skin absorbs the shower gel. Generally, it can be absorbed, and the shower gel that is more comfortable for the skin is better.

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