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Check it Out! What Are the Minefields for Hotel Linen Procurement?

Minefield One

The thicker the fabric, the better. The thicker and more expensive it is, the thicker the fabric, the better. The 40×40 fabric is obviously thicker than the 60×40 one, and the thick fabric is not comfortable in many cases. The thickness of the fabric has a lot to do with the thickness of the yarn. Specifically, it is distinguished by its fiber count. Fabric count refers to the number of yarns in one square inch of fabric, called British count, or S for short. The count is related to the length and weight of the yarn.

One tael of cotton is made into 30 yarns with a length of 1 meter, that is, 30 yarns; one tael of cotton is made into 40 yarns with a length of 1 meter, that is, 40 yarns. Therefore, the higher the count, the softer and stronger the fabric, and the thinner the fabric, the better the quality of the fabric. Obviously, the higher the count, the finer the yarn, the higher the requirements for equipment, the higher the quality of raw cotton, the more expensive the price per ton of yarn, and the higher the cost of cloth. Count is the most important indicator to measure yarn thickness. The larger the count, the finer the yarn, and the more yarns arranged per square inch. Therefore, for the same count, the higher the density, the better, and the higher the count, the higher the density, which is what we often hear." The term "high count and high density" fabrics. Therefore, the thicker the linen fabric, the better, the thicker it is, the more expensive it is.

Minefield Two

The crisp fabrics, such as hotel quilt covers, bed sheets, pillowcases and other linens, will be sizing after being washed in a regular washing company. The purpose of sizing is to increase the stain resistance of the fabric, prevent the dirt from penetrating into the interior of the fiber, and create a "separation layer" between the dirt and the fabric, while the soiled quilt cover sheet is easy to remove the dirt when washing. Another purpose of sizing is to increase the stiffness of the fabric, prevent fiber fluff, and have a good feel. If the yarn density of the fabric does not meet the standard, the so-called thickness of the fabric will be increased by sizing, but this thickness and stiffness are temporary, and will disappear after launching into the water.

The fabrics of many manufacturers are also sizing in the final process of the bleaching and finishing plant, because the yarn count density of the fabrics cannot reach the standard. However, the yarn count density of our fabrics is up to the standard, and it is not used for sizing treatment, but with softeners. The cost of softeners is much higher than the price of sizing. Therefore, fabrics with a crisp feel are not necessarily the best.

Minefield Three

The fabric is very bright, and what is mercerizing of chemical fibers. The so-called mercerizing finishing refers to the process in which the cotton fabric is treated with concentrated caustic soda to melt off the hair on the surface of the fabric, shrink the fibers in the yarn, and then wash away the caustic soda. Through the treatment, the shape of the cotton fiber changes, the reflection of light becomes much more regular, and the surface of the cotton fiber becomes very shiny.

Mercerizing is a process in the finishing process and has nothing to do with the material of the fabric. The factories without mercerizing equipment use the calendering process. The calendering machine consists of several hard and soft rolls with smooth surfaces. After the fabric is rolled by the combination of hard and soft rolls, the yarn is flattened and the surface is smooth. The gloss is enhanced and the feel is stiff. However, the durability of the gloss effect of the fabric is poor, and it will gradually lose its gloss after several times of watering. Calendering is a mechanical and physical treatment, and mercerizing is a chemical treatment, which are two different things. So some customers think that the fabric is bright, thin and chemical fiber, which is actually wrong. For the same fabric, mercerized is more expensive than calendered.

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