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How to Choose Hotel Bath Towels?

1. In terms of the color of hotel bath towels, the simpler the color, the better

The patterns of many bath towels have some ethnic patterns. The pattern of the bath towel is relatively clear and full, the layers are obvious, the embossment is strong, the pile is meticulous and soft, and the touch is soft. Woven into beautiful patterns, people can see a particularly comfortable feeling.

2. Hotel towels need fine edging

Because bath towels are daily necessities that directly contact the human body, bath towels can only be made through chemical processing processes of bleaching, dyeing and softening during the production process. When choosing a bath towel, a bath towel that is durable, soft to the touch and generally highly absorbent is the best choice. And we need to pay attention to the details of the production of bath towels, a good bath towel always has the characteristics of superiority, then we only need to pay attention to whether the edge of the towel is neat and beautiful, and the combination of its sign and the towel is hidden. Whether the details are fine, etc. These small details, but don't underestimate these small details, the finely crafted bath towels will be more durable.

3. Comfortable hotel bath towels are the best products

Now there are more and more products with ethnic characteristics on the market, and bath towels are no exception. But is this colorfully printed bath towel safe? Is it harmful to human body? Hotel purchases are generally plain-colored bath towels. Such towels are rarely printed and dyed by mailboxes in the production process. Most bath towels with ethnic patterns are printed and dyed. When purchasing, try to buy those produced by large manufacturers. Environmentally friendly and rarely use additives that are harmful to the body.

4. The heavier the better, the hotel bath towels should be thick and light

Contrary to what everyone thinks, the thicker and more durable the bath towel is, the thicker bath towel is not only heavy after wet water, but also has a major disadvantage is that it is not convenient for drying in the hotel, the fabric is thick, but the "weight" is lighter. Bath towels are good "goods" worth purchasing.

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