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(1) Why is The Price of Branded Hotel Linen Always Higher?

1. R&D Design

Brand hotel linen has its own R & D and design department, leading the trend of the times in the design style and pattern research and development. Excellent brand linen has strong R&D and design capabilities. Behind every popular pattern, dozens of design drafts have been killed. Behind a set of comfortable hotel bedding, it may also be the result of several proofing screenings. A good product is a designer's idea of combining market data. Huge market data research, continuous proofing and trial and error, may produce thousands of sets of trial and error inventory. Market research and development is a race against technology and time, and a real user experience. The driving force behind this is money and cost. The input cost of new product research and development is the profit income of many small enterprises for half a year or even a year, which requires a lot of courage.

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2. Raw Material Quality

Good product means good fabric. For similar-looking sets or quilt cores, the brand materials used are better than those used by many small manufacturers, which means costs and requires a lot of money.

★The fabrics used by the brand are sweat-absorbing and breathable, easy to clean, and not easy to pilling, while the fabrics used by small enterprises are less comfortable and decolorize and pilling;

★The brand uses raw materials provided by top suppliers in the industry, ecological and environmental protection, and ordinary fabrics used by small enterprises. They pay more attention to cost performance;

★Brands use fabrics with the latest technology in the industry, and they dare to innovate and try; small businesses use the same old ones, and they don't have a lot of cost budgets;

★The brand uses all kinds of good accessories, such as filling cotton. Small businesses still consider the price issue and only use ordinary cotton;

hotel bedding

Hotel Linen Supplier / Manufacturer / Hotel Linen Company

Due to their lack of brand awareness, poor operational capabilities, and high prices, small businesses cannot withstand the cost pressure brought by good materials. They can only leverage the market through low prices, and they can only find ways to compress quality.

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