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How to Choose Hotel Bedding Sets According to The Season?

1. Spring Hotel Bedding Set

If you choose hotel bedding sets in spring, you can choose pure cotton, washed cotton, and knitted cotton. The temperature difference in spring is large. It is recommended that you choose pure cotton wine bedding, which not only absorbs sweat and breathes, but also keeps warm and comfortable.

hotel bedding

2. Summer Hotel Bedding Set

Summer hotel bedding sets are mainly cool, choose silk, ice silk, or thin all-cotton hotel bedding sets, as well as ethyl cotton linen and tencel. The bedding sets I use in summer are mainly cool. Generally, I choose thinner ones, preferably with a cool feeling, such as Tencel or cotton linen or linen.

3. Autumn Hotel Bedding Set

In autumn, you can choose pure cotton, washed cotton, and knitted cotton. Autumn is also a season with a large temperature difference between morning and evening. Therefore, it is very suitable to choose a pure cotton type kit when sleeping at night.

hotel pillow

hotel pillow

4. Winter Hotel Bedding Set

In winter, it is more appropriate to choose sanded or coral fleece fabrics or milk fleece with good warmth for hotel bedding sets. Bedding sets used in winter are generally thicker. Because the thicker fabric is definitely better in keeping warm, it is delicate and soft, and the warmth retention is good.

hotel goose duvet

winter goose down duvet

Tips for choosing bedding:

1. Touching feel: When choosing a hotel bedding set, you must touch it. Only skin-friendly and soft bedding can give people a good sleep. Hotel bedding that feels rough to the touch will greatly reduce the sleep experience.

2. Look at the fabric: the mainstream materials are polyester, cotton, and silk (mulberry silk). The ranking is as follows: silk > cotton > polyester. For cotton hotel bedding, the higher the yarn count and density at the same price, the softer it is.

3. Look at the printing and dyeing process: For hotel bedding sets with printing, it is recommended to choose reactive printing, and pigment printing is also easy to fade.

4. Look at the tag: Do not buy all products that do not label fabric specifications and printing and dyeing processes!

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