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What are The Advantages of Chain Hotels in The Hotel Industry?

1. Advantages of Chain Hotels

Chain hotels refer to hotels that operate in a franchise business model. Chain hotels generally have a unified brand image recognition system, a unified membership system and a marketing system, and the price is very advantageous in line with popular consumption.

There are three main advantages of chain hotels over individual hotels:

(1) For users, chain hotels have standardized room facilities and services, and the accommodation experience and service quality can be better guaranteed. At the same time, the brand awareness of chain hotels can more attract users to stay.

(2) For operators, chain hotels can exert economies of scale, stores can enjoy the group's membership resources, and unify back-office information technology support and marketing systems, thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

(3) For investors, chain hotel investment is more economical. Intensive product procurement brings savings in initial investment costs, and a mature operating system ensures the stability of investment returns.

2. The overall scale of chain hotels has grown year by year, and there is a lot of room for improvement in the chain rate of the hotel industry.

The consumption demand of chain hotels will benefit from the development of the tourism market brought about by the increase in the income level of residents and the opportunities for channel sinking brought about by the level of urbanization. With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people choose to travel abroad to relax themselves. Before the epidemic, the number of tourists showed a rapid increase year by year. The rapid development of tourism and the rising demand for accommodation have driven the development of the hotel industry. In the hotel industry, chain hotels have become the first choice for travelers because of their brand advantages.

Although the scale of chain hotels has grown rapidly in recent years, from the perspective of the development of the hotel industry, the chain rate of the hotel industry is still biased.

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