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How to Tie The Strap of The Hotel Bathrobe Simpler?

1. First, leave a length of about 40 cm on one side of the belt, fold it in half and place it on the shoulder. This part is called hand first, then wrap the other end of the belt around the waist twice, and the remaining part is called the vertical edge; Start with the vertical edge first, pull forward, then tie a knot and pull tight.

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2. Treat the vertical edge, there is still a lot of vertical edge, fold it into a long strip, the length is about the width of the shoulder, fold from the middle of the strip, the strip becomes a bow, and then fold it by hand from above. When wrapping the bow, wrap the first knot together, pull it tight, and wrap it a few more times. Finally, tuck the remaining part of the hand into the waistband, transfer the bow to the back, and complete the library knot.

3. In addition, the yukata can also be tied with a shell knot, which is more suitable for men. The Beikou knot is simple and can be seen as two relatively regular knots. First, the hand is left first and the vertical edge is left, and then the hand is stretched diagonally downward, and the hand is wrapped around the vertical edge to form a knot first, so that the first knot is completed. . The second knot is to bend the vertical edge down, bend inward to create a gap, fold the hand side up in the opposite direction, pass through this gap, and tighten, so that the shell knot is completed, and the shell knot is transferred to the back.

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