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What are The Materials of Hotel Room Leather? What Should be Paid Attention to?

1. It should not be stored in a place soaked in rain or wet, and exposed to sunlight for a long time. When the temperature exceeds 70 °C, do not directly rub against rough objects, and avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali.

2. How to deal with the wet or wet leather paper, according to the original shape of the leather, avoid the sun in a ventilated place, and wipe the leather goods with leather oil; it cannot be used at high temperature, and it is forbidden to bake or dry it.

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3. Treatment of scratches on the leather surface: spray skin oil and dry naturally. After heating for 30~60 seconds, wrap the surface with a dry cloth and rub repeatedly.

4. When the leather is damaged and torn, it should be repaired in time. If there are tiny cracks, you can apply egg white to the cracks and the cracks will stick.

5. How to wipe mildew on leather products: Wipe the mildewed part with a soft dry cloth, and then wipe it evenly with leather oil. Do not wipe with water and gasoline, water can harden the leather, and gasoline can make the oil of the leather volatilize and dry out.

6. Prevent overload, overload.

7. After the leather products are damp, they should be air-dried and dried immediately.

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8. When collecting leather goods for a long time, the moisture-proof agent should be placed in the leather goods, and the plastic bags should be sealed and stored in a cool place.

In addition to paying attention to the materials of hotel room leatherIn addition, you should pay more attention to the protection details during use.

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