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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Customizing Hotel Chair Covers and Tablecloths?

1. It is important to choose fabrics

When customizing hotel chair covers and tablecloths, the first thing to do is to choose the right fabric. The tablecloths and chair covers used in hotels generally choose satin fabrics or polyester fabrics. The advantage of satin fabrics is that they are very strong. People come and go every day in the hotel. The rate is very high, so it is very suitable for choosing satin fabrics, and the hotel will definitely undertake many weddings. The tablecloths and chair covers of satin fabrics are very delicate, and they are also very suitable for the atmosphere of the wedding. The advantage of polyester fabrics is that they are easy to clean and not easy to deform and shrink. , The tablecloth and chair covers of the hotel need to be cleaned frequently. If they are deformed after washing, they will only be discarded, so it is very suitable to choose polyester fabrics as tablecloths and chair covers.


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2. Colors and patterns cannot be chosen at will

When customizing hotel chair covers and tablecloths, it is necessary to reasonably choose the color and pattern of the tablecloths and chair covers. First of all, in the choice of color, it is best to choose a color. Many operators choose several colors at the same time in order to activate the atmosphere of the hotel. , in fact, doing so is counterproductive, making the guests look messy. If you want to make the hotel's atmosphere more lively, you only need to choose a warm-colored tablecloth and chair cover, such as wine red, brown is very suitable, and Some operators want to customize the table cloth and chair covers with patterns. It is best to follow the principle of simplicity and generosity. You can choose some small floral patterns or striped patterns, and do not choose too complicated patterns.

3. The size should be accurate

When customizing hotel chair covers and tablecloths, be sure to measure the size. Hotel tablecloths and chair covers are all customized in large batches at one time. If the size is not accurate before customization, it will be very troublesome to rework again, and it is likely to cause inconsistencies. Necessary disputes, so we must not ignore this detail.

Choosing a suitable tablecloth and chair cover can set off the atmosphere of the hotel. You can refer to this article when customizing the hotel chair cover and tablecloth.

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