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Hotel Disposable Supplies Purchasing Two Points to Note

Disposable guest room supplies such as toothbrushes, combs, small soaps, slippers, and guest cotton fabrics such as towels, pillowcases, bed sheets, bathrobes, etc. in the room shall be replaced according to the wishes of customers, reducing the number of washings. Change (use degradable materials), simplify or eliminate in-room living, bathroom packaging. When hotel operators purchase disposable room supplies, in addition to considering product cost, they usually ignore some additional costs. Such as: blocked water pipes, water problems, washing times, etc., these should also be taken into account when purchasing.

Hotel Disposable Supplies

1. Notice for purchasing disposable items in hotels -- purchasing toothbrushes

The main factors that affect the quality of the toothbrush are the quality of the bristles and the grinding rate. The daily toothbrush is usually replaced every three months. Even if the toothbrush without the grinding treatment is used for a period of time, due to the running-in of the bristles and the teeth, it will form a "natural" effect. Grinding", and disposable toothbrushes are usually only used 2-3 times, if the quality of the bristles is not good or the grinding rate is not enough, it will cause damage to the oral cavity. Therefore, the quality standard of hotel toothbrushes cannot be lower than that of daily toothbrushes.

hotel toothbrush

2. Attention to purchasing disposable supplies for hotels -- purchasing of bath and shampoo products

Water is also one of the important operating costs of hotels. How to save water is a concern of every hotel. There is an inkjet printer on the market that only sells for more than 100 yuan per unit, but when you run out of consumables to buy ink cartridges, you find that the price of an ink cartridge will even exceed the price of a printer. Similarly, although the price of the shower gel in many hotels is very cheap, the hot water consumed for one bath is several times the value of the shower gel itself.

Note: When purchasing bath and shampoo products, you need to consider the level of water consumption, that is, how much water can be used to rinse. It is not blindly pursuing rich foam.

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