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What Do You Know About The Common Sense of Hotel Sheets?

The materials used in different hotels vary greatly. High-end hotels use silk and pure cotton, while ordinary hotels use pure cotton, and some hotels also use rayon. The cotton fiber of pure cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity, this is because the cotton fiber with outstanding performance can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%, so the quilt cover of pure cotton fabric contacts human skin, Makes it feel soft without being stiff.

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And because the guests of the hotel come from all over the world, they have different preferences for color matching. Some people like the warm red, while some people hate the red too unrestrained, and white is a warm color that everyone is willing to accept. Not only It makes people feel relaxed and gives a clean atmosphere.

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Second, for hotels, white sheets are easier to clean than other color sheets, because hotel sheets need to be washed with bleach almost every day.

If the sheets are all white, the hotel will clean them uniformly, not only is it not afraid of fading and dyeing, but also after cleaning with bleach, the white sheets can be guaranteed to be as white as new.

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Finally, the hotel uniformly uses white sheets, which can also provide convenience for the staff who clean the room. Because white is used as the background, it can be seen at a glance whether other colors of hair and sundries are left on the sheets, and the staff can also clean it. convenient.

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