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How to Tie A Bath Towel Not Easy to Fall Off?

The weather is getting colder and colder, and it is very comfortable to wrap the towel after taking a shower, but sometimes no matter how tightly the towel wraps, it falls off after walking two steps.

How to wrap the towel so that it won't fall off?

1. First, fold one end of the wide side of the towel to a small side, and then wrap it around your body.

2. Wrap the place to be wrapped, and then use a convenient clip to clip it. Just wrap it tightly, then stuff the small corners into the innermost layer, and then roll it inside; if this doesn't work, it's a problem with the fabric of the bath towel.

3. Wrap it up first, roll in the corner of the towel at the overlap between the chest and the armpit, and then fold the towel at the top. This can increase the friction, and the towel storage will not fall off!

4. When wrapping to the end, tuck the last bath towel into the small side. Note: wrap it in a circle first, then turn the interface to the "outside" twice, pay attention to the outside, not the inside, otherwise it will be easy to disperse.

Note on the use of bath towels

1. Special-purpose bath towels are personal items, and different people's bath towels must be separated to prevent local skin diseases from spreading to the whole body, and it is also an effective way to prevent cross-infection.

2. Regular disinfection When taking a bath, it is advisable to rinse with shower gel and water, and then wrap the whole body with a bath towel, which can reduce the adhesion of human dirt to the bath towel. After the bath towel is used up, it should be dried in time, and the hanging place should be ventilated. It is best to dry or dry it in time. Bath towels that are not commonly used must be boiled, sterilized and dried before being placed to avoid mildew and deterioration.

3. Timely replacement No matter how good the towel or bath towel is, it should be replaced in three months. This is a scientific way to use it.

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