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Tips for Wrapping Bath Towels

1. Common sense of wrapping bath towels In wrapping bath towels, most of the moisture will remain between the yarn and the yarn. We know that the water absorption of bath towels containing plant fibers is generally better than that of other fabrics. This is because the vegetable fiber wrapped bath towel can directly absorb water directly into the fiber. When purchasing a bath towel, you must determine the quality of the wrapped bath towel. To see the quality of the wrapping bath towel, you should first check whether the coil is thick and tight. Generally, the thick and tight wrapping bath towel has more yarns, so it can absorb the water on the body. In addition, be sure to wash the wraps separately from other clothes, as the coils of the wraps may be damaged.

hotel bath towel

2. Types of wrapped bath towels We have seen that there are still many types of wrapped bath towels on the market, such as plush wrapped bath towels, velvet wrapped bath towels, plant fiber antibacterial wrapped bath towels, and printed bath towels. Different materials of wrapping bath towel, its performance is also different. For example: Plant antibacterial bath towel not only has the characteristics of fast water absorption, but also antibacterial function, so that your skin is not easily covered by bacteria~

3. How to use the wrapped bath towel If you want to make the wrapped bath towel not easy to fall off, you should be familiar with the wrapping method. First, you should fold a small piece of the wide side of the wrapped bath towel to the outside, and then wrap it around your body. When wrapping to the end, put the last bath towel into the small side. Usually this small side is between 5-10 cm. By correctly grasping the wrapping method of wrapping bath towels, we no longer have to worry about the problem of wrapping bath towels falling off.

hotel bath towel

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4. Alternative uses of wrapped bath towels We know that wrapped bath towels still have a certain thickness in order to absorb water quickly. Therefore, in addition to being used to dry the body, the wrapping towel can also be used as pajamas, which is convenient and warm. In addition, the wrapped bath towel can also be used as a blanket. If you accidentally fall asleep while watching TV, you can use the wrapped bath towel as a small blanket to cover, which can prevent colds. Also for small babies, wrapping a bath towel is also very practical. Usually the special quilts for babies are very expensive, and the quilts for home use are relatively heavy. At this time, wrapping a bath towel can come in handy.

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