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How to Choose A Mattress for A Hotel?

The ideal mattress is divided into five layers from bottom to top: spring, felt pad, brown pad, foam layer and bed surface textile fabric. The bottom is the spring with high-quality materials and advanced technology; the wool pad or felt pad on the spring ensures the durability of the mattress; the upper layer is the brown pad; soft materials such as latex or foam ensure the comfort and air permeability of the mattress, the best It has the effect of sterilization and environmental protection; the top is an environmentally friendly textile fabric. Such a soft spring mattress has the characteristics of keeping warm in winter, radiating heat in summer, and easy to clean, and is more comfortable and humanized.

From the perspective of the pleated cotton layer, the top layer is cloth, which is one of the important factors for whether the appearance of the mattress is high-grade. The fabric of high-end hotel mattresses has better hygroscopicity, softness and comfort, and the color is elegant but not too bright. The second is a layer of spray-coated cotton. Good five-star hotel mattresses will have this layer, which can prevent the sponge from oxidizing and dyeing the fabric yellow, and make the pleats fuller and more three-dimensional. This is followed by a layer of sponge and a layer of non-woven fabric. The cushion layer of the mattress is between the pleated cotton layer and the bed net, and generally includes sponge, memory foam, latex, gel, etc.

As for which one is better, you should have heard about hotel purchases. Latex is the best, followed by memory foam and gel, and finally sponge. Generally, hotel mattress suppliers will have a sample, and you can see the material inside.

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