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Why Hotel Bedding All are Ppure White--Hanbi Give You Precisely Explanation

According to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation. When the bedroom is clean and the bedding is white when simple but elegant style. People will sleep better. The study found that the color of the bedding affected the quality of the night's sleep, changing the color of the sheets and allowing many participants to get a good rest. So, bedroom colour combination is pale pink wall and white sheet, they have calm effect, can calm mood, relax muscle.

Reason 1

It goes well with the room

Some people like red, whereas some people hate it. But speaking of people who hate white, it seems that there are not many people. White can be used as a background color, and can foil other colors, give a person a bright and clean sense, and other colors are very inclusive.

Reason 2

White is easy to clean

Many people do not like to choose white when buying clothes and shoes, because the dirty will be obvious. But in fact, white sheets for hotel cleaning is very convenient, as long as the bleach can be put, and white will not fade, so it is also convenient for hotel cleaning.

Reason 3

It's easy to see if there's any hair 

For hotel guests, if they are really disgusted by the hair left by the previous guest, the hotel staff will immediately notice any dirt or hair.

Reason 4

White makes people feel calm

White symbolizes the feeling of purity, brightness, downy, steady elegance on colorology. Hotel is a place to rest and sleep, naturally need a calm mood, no excess patterns and impetuous color, can better fall asleep.

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