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What are The Purchasing Skills for Tablecloths Used in Hotels?

1. The fabric of the tablecloth

The hotel tablecloth can choose satin fabric, because the hotel will often host weddings, the tablecloth of this kind of fabric will look very festive when laid on the table, which is very suitable for the atmosphere of the wedding. This kind of fabric is also relatively thick, durable and not easy to damage. In addition, you can also choose polyester fabrics. This kind of fabric is more resistant to dirt. The number of meals in hotels is more frequent every day. You should choose a tablecloth that is more resistant to dirt. Polyester tablecloths are also softer and more beautiful when laid on the dining table. It should be noted that, If it is used in a hotel, you must not choose a tablecloth made of pure cotton. This kind of tablecloth is easy to be stained, and it is easy to shrink and deform after frequent washing.

2. The color and pattern of the tablecloth

The tablecloth used in the hotel should choose the right color. The color of the tablecloth looks more comfortable, and the guests will also feel comfortable when dining. Try to avoid choosing dull colors, such as black, and do not choose colors that are too visually stimulating, such as Positive red, these colors will make guests feel uncomfortable when dining, you should choose beige or light coffee color, which are more atmospheric colors, if you want to add some patterns on the tablecloth, you should try to choose simple patterns, such as some Small florals or simple geometric patterns, just a little embellishment, not too fancy.

3. The shape and size of the tablecloth

Tablecloths used in hotels are generally round or square. The shape of hotel tablecloths should be more popular, and it should look big and square. Don’t choose odd-shaped tablecloths. It will be counterproductive to spread on the dining table. The size of the tablecloth should be slightly larger than the size of the dining table. For some, it is advisable to cover the dining table. Before buying tablecloths, measure the exact size of the dining table. Do not make a rough estimate, so as not to buy tablecloths of inappropriate size.

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