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Must see this essay when you Choose and purchase hotel linen-Hanbi textile

Must see this essay when you Choose and purchase hotel linen-Hanbi textile

Want to know how to identify good hotel linen, first certainly you should know what hotel linen contains.

Hotel linen is a really big word, it including a lot different things:

quilt cover, bedsheet, pillow, pillowcase, decoration pillow, duvet, mattress, mattress protector, bed runner, towel, bathrobe and so on. you can think of it in this way-all hotel use textile products are hotel linen.

when you know what is hotel linen and you need to know four or five star hotel, all high end hotel linen requirement then you know what is good hotel linen:

Bedding: cotton, white, smooth cloth, good air permeability, no defects, no stains. Yarn count not less than 32s, warp and weft density not less than 60 80, length and width should be greater than 700mm mattress.

You think these requirements are simple to meet? No, there's a lot of information in these requests.

A short explanation:

yarn count is also known as the number of yarn, is a measure of yarn thickness.
The count depends on the length and weight of the yarn. In the same density, the higher the number of yarn, the finer the yarn, the thinner the cloth, the softer and more comfortable the cloth. The higher the number of cloth, the higher the quality of raw materials (cotton), the higher the cost.

its too complex? you just need to remerber that high yarn means high quality, high quality means more comfortable.

The fabric of 40x40 is rough, which affects the sleep quality of customers. The fabric of 80x80 is too delicate, and has a high price and low washing resistance. Therefore, the fabric of 60×60 is generally used in five-star hotels, which has high cost performance, moderate price and good washing resistance.

so for the hotel: 32S 60*60 yarn is a good choice

for home also can use 32S 60*60yarn, if you want more comfortable you can select 80*80yarn

next time we will discuss hotel towel, if you want to know more tips about hotel linen, just let us know and we will give you the explanation.

follow Hanbi textile and we will update now and then.

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