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The most comprehensive hotel bathrobes tips and knowledge share including production flow

The most comprehensive hotel bathrobes tips and knowledge share including production flow

hotel bathrobe fabric:
Hotel bathrobe fabrics are mainly gabardine bathrobe, cut velvet/cut pile bathrobe, Waffle bathrobe, AB version of double bathrobe and so on. 

Different fabrics have their own characteristics, suitable for different hotels and different seasons.

cut pile: it refers to cutting the wool circle of ordinary towel to make the fabric surface full of flat nap. Hotel bathrobe is generally single sided fleece cutting. Cut velvet bathrobes are characterized by softness, comfort, and greater moisture absorption and softness than ordinary uncut velvet bathrobes.

Waffle pattern :is a square or diamond shaped concave and convex pattern, strong three-dimensional sense. Therefore, the surface of waffle bathrobe has the characteristics of hygroscopicity, scalability and air permeability due to its concave and convex texture. Because of the thin waffle fabric, it is suitable for summer wear.

AB double layer bathrobe: the outer layer is usually made of waffle fabric, and the inner layer is usually made of looped fabric or ultra-fine short plush. The outer layer is crisp, and the inner layer is warm and hygroscopic, which is suitable for autumn and winter, showing the taste and high-grade of the hotel. Because of the high cost and complicated process, the price of AB double bathrobe is also higher than that of ordinary bathrobe.

The style of hotel bathrobe:

Conventional bathrobe by the collar type can be divided into kimono collar type, shawl collar type.

kimono collar

shawl collar

Specifications and weight of hotel bathrobe:
The size of the bathrobe is usually considered from the three main aspects of dress length, chest circumference and sleeve length. In order to suit different people and make hotel guests wear relaxed and comfortable effects, the size of the hotel bathrobe is generally loose.
The conventional size of the hotel bathrobe is: length: 115-124cm, shoulder width: 53-55cm, sleeve length: 53-55cm, one-sided chest circumference: 55-66cm.
Common lap fabric and cut velvet bathrobes usually weigh 1,000g and 1,100g, while higher hotels also choose 1,200g and 1,300g. Since the green collar consumes more material than the kimono collar, the green collar made of the same specification of cut terry cloth is about 100g heavier than the kimono collar.

hotel bathrobe color
Hotel bathrobe color and the bed is tasted, mainly white is given priority to, but now there are many topics for the choice of linen rooms and hotel overall style is consistent, so also can choose to have color bathrobe, need to know is general factory custom non-ferrous bathrobe or unconventional fabric bathrobe number is common to have positive and negative deviation.

Production process of hotel bathrobe
Hotel bathrobe production mainly includes: plate making, cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging five processes.

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