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What can you do if the goose down duvet exposed feather-provides tips for you

If your down duvet exposed the feather fabric, Recommend replacing down-proof fabric, the use of this leakage wool fabric will sooner or later will make the duvet become the worst , best method is to not let it continue this situation, to find a place that can make duvet again, then choose a down-proof fabric, its replacement, it is replaced by a shell fabric money, at least share is much more cost-effective to buy a new bed duvets.

If you don't want to remove the duvet again, you can directly add a bed of anti-pile fabric on the outside. The disadvantage is that the duvet will become a little thicker, with an extra layer of fabric inside.

The cause of leakage of duvet
1. The first reason is that the fabric density is not enough, resulting in poor anti-velvet effect.

2. The second reason is that down is mixed with a large number of feather silk, flying silk, wool and other inferior padding, so that the dense anti-velvet fabric may also appear the phenomenon of hair leakage.

3, the third reason is that the eye of the needle is too thick, flying silk, wool from the eye of the needle drilled out.

How to keep the fabric from leaking
1. Do anti-velvet post-treatment for the fabric to achieve the effect of anti-velvet, which is the prevailing practice in the industry.

2, is to do a layer of anti-velvet liner, and the outer fabric does not require anti-velvet, general high-grade silk cotton woven jacquard fabrics are used in this process.

How to choose flocking fabric

1, when buying a duvet, we should choose anti-velvet material, and then we need to pay attention to air permeability, softness and cover with no sound.

2. When buying a duvet, look at the duvet content written on the trademark. If the duvet content is very high, but the outer fabric is relatively low-end, then this kind of attention needs to be paid to. This is not recommended to buy.

3. If the cashmere content is not high, but its fabric is relatively thin, and the fabric gap is relatively large, it is not recommended to buy, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of hair leakage

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