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Why pure cotton hotel linen pilling and what can we do-we give you the answers

Pure cotton Hotel linen fabric pilling is generally divided into 3 stages - rough, pilling and shedding.

So what is the reason of bedding pilling? the factors affecting pilling are as follows: 

Cotton can also be divided into many grades, fiber length is different, the number of long fiber ends of cotton fiber is less, fiber and fiber link end is not easy to form a wool ball;

Fiber strength:

Common polyester fiber fabrics pilling phenomenon is obvious and normal, however pure cotton is not prone to pilling and even it pilling its not obvious, the difference between the two, mainly because the fiber strength of polyester fiber is greater than cotton, polyester fiber fabrics pilling is not easy to fall off, long time will stubbornly stick to the surface of the fabric and everyone can notice that.

The pilling on cotton hotel linen fabric gradually falls off in washing and friction, so people form the understanding of "pure cotton will not pilling"; 

polyester                                                                                                                                    pure cotton

fiber length

Cotton can also be divided into many grades, fiber length is different, the number of long fiber ends of cotton fiber is less, fiber and fiber link end is not easy to form a wool ball.

it means that long staple cotton have higher quality and its not easy to pilling, and almost all Hanbi textile products are long staple cotton.

Improper washing way

1, Washing time is too long 

2, washing temperature is too high will cause pilling too(suitable temperature 20~45 degrees)

3, wrong detergent (recommended to use neutral detergent), easy to produce fabric fiber damage, fiber breakage, increase the possibility of pilling; 

Improper washing leads to fiber damage and fracture caused by pilling phenomenon, must be strictly in accordance with the washing instructions washing fabric pilling, not all because of quality problems, if the bed pilling performance requirements of consumers are relatively high, it is recommended to buy cotton silk and other not easy pilling products To prevent pilling, wash the fabric with a soothing detergent or shampoo, and soak it with conditioner.

What can you do if bedding have pilling?

Very easy, you can trim the pilling, there are many tools for trimming the pilling, you can buy the tools in any store or supermarket. Speaking from experience, when the pilling reaches a certain level, it will gradually decrease, so after a few pruning, the pilling will basically not appear.

Recommend Washing pilling solution:

① Washing amount should be 70% ~ 80% of the capacity of the machine, too much or too little will affect the washing strength of linen, so that linen pilling

② The washing temperature should be controlled at about 70℃ when washing

③ pay attention to the PH value of fabric washing, alkaline can not be too strong, some detergents with strong detergents are often strong alkaline products, damage to the cotton fiber of the fabric, will also lead to cotton fiber catalytic pilling

④ In addition to some stubborn stains need manual treatment and strong washing, generally using soft washing

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