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Hotel linen and hotel towels must put in water before use to avoid float cotton ?

clean hotel linen tips:

1, before washing, take off the hotel linen decoration items(bed runner), choose the washing temperature is less than or equal to 40℃;

2, the hotel linen in the water before washing for a few minutes, the time should not be too long, to prevent the hotel linen color damage; Pay attention to sweat stains of pure cotton hotel linen forbidden hot water immersion, prevent linen yellow spots;

3, rinse, do not need to use a lot of water when washing, but to wash several times, each rinse need to wring out, this will improve the quality of the hotel linen washing;

4, hotel linen no matter what kind of cloth are not slow in the sun exposure, so as not to damage the dyeing and cloth, should be in a cool ventilated place against drying;

5, ironing is not the higher the temperature, the better to pay attention to the hotel linen material according to the performance to adjust the ironing temperature, the general ironing temperature of 110 deG C.

                                                      Clean hotel linen 

Hotel towels use efficiency is high, the customer request is very high, bacteria are active in the spring season, in order to prevent cross infection to ensure a healthy customers, to the prescribed conditions of use after used towel products for cleaning and sanitation. Hotel linen towel disinfection cleaning methods are mainly the following four:

                                                   Hotel towel

Steaming method:
boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then clean it with soapy water and dry it in a ventilated place.


High pressure steam method: put the towel into the pressure cooker to heat for about 30 minutes, you can kill most of the microorganisms, and then clean the air.

                                    High pressure steam

Chemical method: the use of chemical disinfectant for disinfection, you can choose to dilute 200 times the cleaning disinfectant, and then completely soak the towel in the solution for 15 minutes, and then clean air.

                                           Chemical method

Microwave method:

this method is to use microwave oven, we first clean the towel according to the process, and then fold into the microwave oven, running 5 minutes can have disinfection effect.

The above methods can be used to disinfect towel products, but repeated disinfection and cleaning will make the towel smell and hard and sticky, and the water absorption will become poor. The towel can be boiled or ironed in thick salt water, rubbed with salt and then boiled, and washed with clean water, which can remove the odor and make the towel soft again.

                                                          Microwave method

Hotel linen washing is the laundry washing capacity of the most a kind of fabric, because linen stains are similar, in a certain washing raw material water quality and technological conditions, often because of the hotel laundry equipment does not have a comprehensive understanding of how to wash and maintenance of new linen, resulting in its problems are universal.

After the new bedding leaves the factory, there will be a layer of industrial slurry water on the top, and some cotton shaw, to pass through the water to use; Towels transported back are compressed packaging, washing can make the ring fluffy open, remove the floating hair on the towel, floating color. More comfortable to use; Hotel bedding wash before there are floating hair and dust, and is all cotton products washed after will shrink, pillowcase washed after cover pillow core will be more beautiful; The new cloth is used for cleanliness and for better comfort. More conduce to later period wash finish.

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New linen water special attention:
1. New linen before the use of water, pure white cotton grass water temperature control below 50 degrees, otherwise it will produce wrinkles.

2. Pure white linen with color stripes, the water temperature is controlled below 37 degrees, otherwise it will affect the whiteness of dyeing.

3. It is normal for all new linen to have a slight lint on the surface when it is washed for the first time. After repeated washing, the lint will fall off automatically.

4. In order not to affect the whiteness of linen, all new linen should not be washed with old linen

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