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Compared with household bedding, the characteristics and advantages of hotel bedding - Hanbi Textile

1. Clean and tidy

Hotel bedding is used by many people. Using white can make everyone feel clean and tidy, and it is not easy to hide dirt. Let the check-in people do not have to worry about health problems. What dirt can be seen at a glance.

                                                     Hotel bedding sets

2. Avoid diversity

Everyone has different preferences. If you don't use the same hotel sheet color, you will be picky when you check in, what color do you like or not. All use one color to save the personalized screening process of occupants and avoid the loss of tourists.

                                                      Hotel bedding sets

3. Easy to clean

When cleaning, bleach will be used. No matter what stains, they will be clean as soon as they are bleached. Therefore, we found that there is no stain on all the hotel sheets and hotel bedding, which is all due to bleaching. If only washing powder is used, it is impossible to achieve this effect.

                                                        Hotel bedding sets

4. Foil effect

 Most hotels have carpets in other colors. But the carpet is generally not too clean. Using white can not only set off that everything is clean, but also divert the attention of the occupants, because everyone likes to see clean things.

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