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The high content of natural latex provides a deep sleep experience

Natural latex has excellent resilience, which can quickly respond to changes in sleeping position to provide resilient support and neutralize hard sleep, giving adequate support to the spine while bringing comfortable deep sleep experience

High density memory cotton effective support

Contact area with the human body is larger than the ordinary mattress, high elasticity and quick rebound can effectively support

Three-dimensional stitch shaping process fine convex concave resulting in increased friction between the body and

                                                                                         the mattress is not easy to move the fixed filler is not solid

Natural latex pad features

1、Ultra-high elasticity

Super elasticity and adhesion of natural latex? Can latex mattresses adapt to different weight groups? Naturally adapted to any position of the sleeper? A 95% fit to the body? And ordinary mattress and body fit can only reach 60-75%? Natural latex can also improve back acid and insomnia caused by sleep.

2、Orthopaedic function

The latex mattress is 3-5 times higher than the ordinary mattress in contact with the human body area, which can distribute the weight of the human body on average, and automatically adjust the bad sleeping position, so that the spine can relax and recover, so as to have orthopedic function.

3、Breathable and bacteria-resistant

The molecular structure of latex is special, with good comfort, air permeability, mildew, dust mite prevention, bacteria and parasite inhibition. The open porous air bag structure of latex has 250,000 internal connected air holes per cubic inch, allowing air to circulate freely in the mattress. It can disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep and keep the body comfortable and dry during sleep. So sleeping on a latex mattress in the summer is much cooler than sleeping on a regular mattress? Not sweltering on the mattress and Restlessness the difficulty of falling asleep.

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