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Spiral towel 

Spiral towel is also called high Terry, that is, in the processing process, the single Terry of the product is lengthened to one to more times of the ordinary Terry to increase the thickness of the finished product. Because the lengthened Terry lies on the surface, its use softness is also appropriately increased. Good water absorption is the characteristic of spiral towel products.

                                                          Hotel towel

Cut pile towel

The terry of the ordinary towel bath towel is cut to make the fabric surface covered with flat fluff. The cut pile towel can be cut pile on both sides; It can also be cut on one side, and the other side is still Terry. The features of cut pile towel are soft and comfortable to use. For example, printing after cut pile can increase the decorative beauty of towel and bath towel and improve the product grade.

                                                                       Hotel towel

Doddy towel

Doddy towel is a highly decorative towel bath towel fabric. A section of satin striped horizontal bar is woven at the terry part near the plain part at both ends of the towel and bath towel to enhance the aesthetic feeling of the towel and bath towel fabric. The flowering part can be formed by warp floating line or weft floating line.

                                                                        Hotel towel

Jacquard towel 

The pattern is composed of jacquard tissue, with realistic image and firm texture. It is divided into flat wool jacquard and concave jacquard. The former is woven into patterns by the color yarn distribution of the terry; The latter uses undulating tissue to form patterns; It can also use a variety of colored fuzzing yarns to weave all kinds of monochrome and mixed color Terry, which can be configured into several colors.

                                                                        Hotel towel

Hotel towell can have a variety of different craft, including spiral, cut pile, plain color, printing, satin file, satin edge, embroidery and other process means. Such towels and bath towels are generally made of exquisite materials and high quality, coupled with fine sewing edges, horizontal and vertical, appropriate trademark sewing and so on.

Now, do you know how many kinds of hotel towels and hotel bath towels there are?

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