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How to clean hotel cotton 4pcs bedding set correctly - Hanbi Textile

  1. Before washing, remove the hotel bedding set and decorative articles, and select the washing temperature to be ≤ 40 ℃.

                                                                 Hotel bedding set

2. Soak the hotel bedding set in water for a few minutes before washing. The time should not be too long to prevent the color of the hotel bedding set from being damaged; Note that the pure cotton hotel bedding set with sweat stains shall not be soaked in hot water to prevent the hotel bedding set from macula.

                                                                     Hotel bedding set

3. After rinsing, you don't need to use a lot of water when you don't rinse, but you need to wash it several times. You need to screw it dry every time, which will improve the washing quality of hotel bedding set.

                                                                      Hotel bedding set

4. No matter what kind of cloth the hotel bedding set is, it does not support exposure to the sun to avoid damaging the dyeing and cloth. It should be dried on the opposite side in a ventilated and cool place.

                                                                        Hotel bedding set

5. When ironing, the higher the temperature is not the better. Pay attention to the material of hotel bedding set and adjust the ironing temperature according to the performance. Generally, the ironing temperature is below 110 ℃.

                                                                   Hotel bedding set

This is all ways about cleaning hotel bedding set, Do you know how to properly clean hotel bedding set?

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