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First of all, pure cotton towels will lose hair. The twist size will have a certain impact on the hand feeling. Towels with low twist feel good, but they are easy to fuzz. Towels with high twist feel worse. Towels are not easy to fuzz, especially home textile towels. Because when making towels, in order to meet the softness of towels, weak twist technology will be properly used in the twist of Terry, and the towels are easy to lose hair in washing and friction.

The towel is woven with cotton yarn. The towel has the function of absorbing water. The hand feel needs to be soft as far as possible, so the towel cannot use yarn with too much twist. The yarn for weaving towels usually uses cotton yarn with low twist. The lower the twist of cotton yarn, the softer it is. We usually hear that the untwisted towel is the softest kind of towel. If the twist of cotton yarn is low, the cotton fiber will not be too saturated, so it will feel soft, but it will also make some wool appear in the filter tank of the washing machine after washing with the washing machine. This is a normal phenomenon.

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How to prevent towel hair loss

When purchasing, try to choose pure cotton material, because the water absorption of pure cotton towel is better than general texture, and it is easy to wash and feel better. 

Here are three steps to identify cotton towels:


Look at the color of the towel in front of the light. Generally, the shiny towel is not pure cotton towel.


The pure cotton towel feels very soft, and the hard one must not be pure cotton.


Comb the towel by hand to see if there is hair loss. If there is a little hair loss, don't worry. There will be some hair loss on pure cotton towels. Most smooth towels without hair loss are chemical fiber towels. Those towels that feel particularly soft and slippery need to be more careful. Most of them are not pure cotton.

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If you don't know how to buy Towels, it doesn't matter if you happen to buy back the towel that has lost hair. Soak in salt water for half an hour before use. Or soak the towel in hot water for 20 seconds, then quickly soak it in ice water for 10 seconds, take it out and dry it for a few days.

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