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Towels are an important part of the hotel and daily necessities of the hotel. The quality of towels is related to customers' experience of the hotel and whether customers are satisfied with the service of the hotel. Therefore, it is very important for the hotel to buy high-quality towels. So, how should the hotel buy high-quality towels?

1. Look at the terry: the towel with good quality has many and Long Terry on the front and back, soft and comfortable, and has the advantages of easy water absorption and storage; The towel with poor quality has short and few circles.

                                                                              Hotel towel

2. Look at the softness and fastness: the main difference is whether the towel is cooked yarn product or raw yarn product. Cooked yarn is soft and durable, with strong sweat absorption, raw yarn is hard hand feel and weak water absorption. If the hand feel is not obvious, take a little water. Drip water into the towel from a height of 30 cm. The water droplets are immediately absorbed by the towel. The cooked yarn is absorbed, and the raw yarn is absorbed slowly.

                                                                              Hotel towel

3. Look at the weight: the towel with good quality not only has long and many circles, but also has heavy weight. When shopping, you can weigh several kinds by hand and compare them.

                                                                               Hotel towel

4. Look at the weaving quality: lay the towel flat or observe through the sunlight to see if there are weaving defects such as warp breaking, weft breaking, bottom exposure, galling, uneven Terry, burr, crimping, tooth edge and needle skipping. Finally, it also depends on whether it has appearance defects such as color seepage, stain, oblique printing and blur.

The above four methods are all about how to choose high-quality hotel towels. Have you learned?

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