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Why does the hotel linen turn yellow after washing? How can you solve this problem? - Hanbi Textile

The newly put into use hotel linen turns gray and yellow slowly, while the hotel linen used for a period of time turns gray and yellow quickly; Bed sheetsquilt covers and other hotel linen turn gray and yellow slowly, while towel fabrics turn gray and yellow quickly. In fact, this situation is also encountered in our usual washing process. When we wash clothes in our household washing machine or by hand, light colored clothes will turn yellow or black, which will become very ugly, which will also affect the mood of customers in the hotel and the grade of the hotel.

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In fact, the yellowing of hotel linen is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The water quality is hard

One reason for yellowing is that the washing water quality is hard, and the unsoftened water will contain a large number of organic and inorganic salts. These salts in ionic state include calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese ions, which will deposit on the fabric and even enter the fiber during the washing process. With the increase of washing times, the deposition will be more and more. 

Thus, the hotel linen, especially the towel cloth grass, becomes gray and hard. If groundwater is used, the phenomenon will be more serious.

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2.Rinsing is not clean

Poor detergent quality or low addition

This is one of the main reasons. The use of poor detergent can not completely wash clothes. In the long run, the accumulation of dirt and the residue of detergent will turn yellow. Therefore, not only professional detergent is needed, but also laundry workers need to master the amount, time and temperature of detergent.

Incomplete rinsing with water

When washing with a fully automatic industrial washing machine, there is a rinsing procedure after washing. If the amount of rinsing water is not enough or the rinsing time is too short, it will cause incomplete rinsing, and the washed dirt will be evenly attached to the washed fabric, which will also cause the fabric to turn yellow.

3.No dechlorination treatment was carried out after using chlorine containing bleach

Some textile mills will bleach with chlorine containing bleach, but if the dechlorination process is not carried out, the chlorine will remain on the fabric and cause the hotel linen to turn yellow.

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What should you do after the hotel linen turns yellow?

1.Preparation: wash after Sun exposure

No matter which of the following washing methods are followed, the preliminary work is exposed to the sun for several hours. Sunshine can completely improve the yellowing of pillowcases. Then choose detergent to wash, can get twice the result with half the effort. Generally, soak it immediately after drying, and then wash it. The effect is better and proper.

2.Wash with white soap

Now there is a special soap for washing white clothes on the market, which can ensure that the clothes do not change color. After washing, the hotel linen is a little white, and the effect is still very obvious. But wash it several times, and the effect is not very obvious once or twice.

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3.Wash with bleach

This washing method is only suitable for pure white hotel linen, otherwise the color of hotel linen will be lighter and lighter as they are washed. seriously affecting their beauty. We don't recommend this method very much. It does some harm to the hands of the clothes washer and the hotel linen.

4.Wash with rice washing water

Rice washing water has bleaching effect, but the effect must be worse than bleach, and the damage to hands is not great. Rice washing is indispensable in daily life. As long as the rice washing water is left to soak the hotel linen, the yellow of the hotel linen will soon be lightened. It doesn't need a copy, and it's convenient.

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5.Wash with porridge water

Just now, it was said that rice washing water can be used for bleaching. In fact, we use the substances that will be released after rice is soaked in water to bleach. In fact, when cooking porridge, the extra water is also OK. some housewives are fine and like to take out the muddy rice water, which can also be used to soak hotel linen.

According to the above methods, you can remove these yellow spots. I suggest you give it a try.

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