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Do you know the benefits of hotel bed runner and how to use it? - Hanbi Textile

Keep clean

Some customers often sit at the end of the bed at will, or put some sundries at hand, so placing a bed runner at the end of the bed can not only avoid soiling the sheets and quilts, but also prevent stains on their pants from contaminating the bed.

For decoration

Because the hotel bedding is generally pure white, white bedding can make the stain invisible, the hair left during cleaning can be seen at a glance, and the stain can be found and cleaned in time. Moreover, white is a versatile color, which can be perfectly matched with any color bed and any structure guest room to avoid customers' dissatisfaction with the color.

However, the problem with pure white bedding is uniformity, and the style of the bed runner is very different, and there are many patterns and colors, so it can play a good decorative role, make the room look more beautiful and elegant, and highlight the overall decorative style and taste of the hotel.

                                                                                     hotel bed runner

Brand promotion

Many hotels will print the brand logo on the bed runner. The pattern design and material of bed runner of different hotel brands have their own styles to highlight the brand image.

Keep warm

The bed runner is placed at the end of the bed, which can wrap the quilt. Especially in cold weather, customers can easily loosen the quilt when they get into the quilt, and their feet will feel cold. Therefore, the bed runner also has a certain role in keeping out the cold.

Convenient bed dining

Generally, high-end hotels will have bed runner, because many high-end hotel customers have the habit of ordering in their rooms. When the hotel waiter delivers the meal to the room, he can put the meal on the bed runner to facilitate customers to eat in bed.

Now do you know the use of the bed runner? So does your hotel have a bed runner? If not, you can contact us for purchase. We have various styles of bed runner and can customize the logo.



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