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"Less than 10% of effectively established strategies are effectively executed"

"70% of businesses fail not because they lack a good strategy, but because they lack effective execution"

There are many reasons for poor execution, usually including:

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Manager's problem    

Hotel managers, especially the top managers, are not enough role models. For example, employees are required not to smoke in the hotel area, but they are smoking in front of employees with cigarettes in their mouths all day long; employees are required not to gamble, but they show off their first-class gambling skills in front of employees. Secondly, the coordination ability and planning ability of managers are too poor.

The introduction of the management system and various policies is not rigorous, resulting in changes in the day and night, and calling "the wolf is coming" in the long run, so that the employees have become psychologically indifferent. What's more, some managers, in order to demonstrate the strength of management, on the one hand stepped up the concocting and issued a regulation, on the other hand they wanted to show the democratic atmosphere, and discussed the newly introduced policies collectively at the meeting. This kind of "lifting a rock to drop on their own feet" practice, in many domestic hotels are common.

Therefore, if an enterprise wants to strengthen its execution, it must attract the attention of managers when each plan is introduced. Any aspect that involves managers must be the first to demonstrate and set an example.    

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The hotel industry is the embodiment of a service cycle, which determines that the service process and the work process are interlinked. Since they are interlinked, it determines that any system is not independent, but affects the whole body.    

To put it bluntly, many hotels write a system when they have problems, but the system itself is not perfect. As a result, a system was introduced to solve one problem, but the system itself brought three new problems.    

The system itself is unreasonable, lacks pertinence and feasibility, or is too cumbersome and not conducive to implementation, which has become a major reason for our failure to implement. There is also the cooperation of various "interfaces". If these issues are not considered when the system is written, it will eventually be ineffective. Finally, we should also be alert to a problem that is too advanced.    

We have accepted many advanced management ideas, but there is a gap between the ideas and the reality. Whether your personnel quality has reached the application level of your new system and policy is the premise of which system you choose. Otherwise, the implementation is empty talk.    

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program persistence    

If your systems and policies are theoretically sound, there's also the issue of persistence. It's like opening a restaurant. You may lose money in the first three months, but as long as you persist for one more day, you can make a profit. Some people persist for another day, while others cannot persist, and finally end up losing everything.    

From the service industry, I think hotels should learn from Singapore Airlines. I learned from a friend that they were promoting the general principle of air priority service: women first, seniors first, children first. This is a well-known principle now, but it was a new slogan at the time. There is no problem with the child first, the elderly first is no problem, and the lady first has a problem, after the couple in the Arab country gets on the plane, when you take care of his married wife first, when you give the lunch box and drinks to his wife first at times, this gentleman will feel ashamed, and married gentlemen in Japan and South Korea also feel ashamed, so when pushing, the guests are often resistant and do not feel good. Therefore, it began to deny and retreat.    

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However, Singapore Airlines did not. They believed that the reason why it could not be pushed forward was because the strategy was not in place when designing this general service principle. It was not the fault of the employees, but the management personnel were not in place. When married Japanese, South Korean, and Arab couples are sitting together, they are holding tea drinks, looking at the husband all the time, and saying hello to him, "Hello, sir", but the tea is not handed to him, bypassing him , gave it to his wife, that is, using such a strategy, killing two birds with one stone, that is, not neglecting the husband and taking care of his wife first. So later, their service was well promoted. Therefore, many policies of the hotel cannot be implemented, and the lack of a kind of tenacity is a big reason.    

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Insufficient supportive policies    

The implementation of a system requires a lot of support, usually including personnel, equipment, materials, methods, environment and information.    

· Personnel is whether the quality of the personnel you implement the system has reached or not;    

· Equipment and raw materials are the material basis for you to complete this system;    

· The environment is the external support for you to complete the system;    

· Information is the guarantee and delivery system for you to complete the system;    

Another is the method. Ideological indoctrination is very important, especially when implementing new policies. Ordinary employees even include quite a few managers. On the surface, they support the new policy, but actually think that they are looking for trouble for them, and they have a lot of resistance. This shows that the publicity and preparation period of this policy is not long enough or the publicity is effective.   

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The cycle is repeated, and the execution system of the spiral is not sound    

In fact, it is the PDCA cycle, especially in the supervision and inspection links. It is often the case of those who enforce the system and those who don't, and the result is a crackdown on enforcement and a very bad corporate culture.    

As soon as a new policy is issued, everything will be fine. As for whether or not it has been implemented and how well it is implemented, there is no feedback or inspection at all. This state of indifference has caused the implementation to get worse and worse.    

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In short, the purpose of finding the cause is to solve the problem. Now that we know the above-mentioned reasons for poor execution, we are required to effectively improve the quality of managers, scientific judgments of the system and effective feedback of inspections, in order to gradually improve our execution.    

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