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Correctly recognize customer complaints

1. What is a complaint?    

First, we have to figure out what is a complaint? That's a sign of customer dissatisfaction with an organization's product service or with the complaint-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.    

2. What is the essence of the complaint?    

The appearance is the customer's dissatisfaction and blame for the product or service; the essence is the reflection of the customer's trust and expectation of the enterprise, the weakness of the enterprise, and the opportunity for improvement.    

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3. What is the reason for the complaint?    

The generation of hotel customer complaints is nothing more than the following three points:    

① The quality of the products provided by the service is poor;    

② The service method is not standardized;    

③ Use new products and services that you are not used to.    

In fact, 70% of customers' dissatisfaction with us are potential appeals, 26% are obvious appeals, and only 4% are really complaining.    

That is to say, among 100 customers, 96 customers may be too lazy to complain and directly tell their relatives and friends about their dissatisfaction. Only 4 customers will formally complain when they can't bear it anymore and hope to find justice.    

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Why should hotels attach importance to complaint handling?    

What is the meaning of complaint handling?    

1. Restore customers' trust in the enterprise;    

2. Avoid causing more disputes and vicious incidents;    

3. Collect information about the continuous improvement of the enterprise;    

4. Satisfied customers are the best advertisements, and satisfied customers will tell other 2-5 people about their satisfaction;    

5. (Complaint) Dissatisfied customers will be a disaster for the company, and dissatisfied customers will tell the other 12 people about their dissatisfaction;    

6. If it takes 10,000 yuan to develop a new customer, it does not take 1 minute to lose a customer; the total average amount of goods purchased by a loyal customer is 10 times the average one-time purchase;    

7. Any handler should have a very strong market awareness: we should try our best to retain all the customers we have contacted.    

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7 Tips for Hotel Complaint Handling

1. Complaint handling principles    

Three Principles of Complaint Handling——    

① Acceptance: deal with the customer interface;    

② Handling: analyze the nature of the problem, find the responsible person, and respond quickly;    

③ Improvement: Analyze the root cause of the problem by analogy and formulate improvement measures.    

The hotel should establish a leadership responsibility system: the general manager is the highest responsible person for complaints. Responsibilities and rights are equal, and there is no responsibility without rights.    

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2. Psychological preparation for complaint handling    

① It is necessary to be far-sighted on the issue of gain and loss;    

② Be trustworthy and move people with sincerity;    

③ Always remind yourself: I represent the company, not the individual; learn to restrain your emotions;    

④ Think from the perspective of customers;    

⑤ Take complaint handling as a test for self-improvement;    

⑥ Continuing to create a positive Moment of truth is the key to an enterprise's customer retention and survival.    

3. Acceptance and acceptance of complaints    

Complaint points -    

①Complete information and quick response.    

②Everyone accepts complaints, and solves customer problems wherever they occur;    

③Record the content of complaints, clarify the problems and requirements of customer complaints, and appease customers;    

④Find the handler, and quickly determine the handler according to the department and job responsibilities (1 hour).    

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4. Handling of complaints    

Handling Complaints Key Points: Quickly resolve issues.    

① Actively contact customers, further clarify customer problems and requirements, and propose solutions for communication.    

② Constantly communicate and reach an agreement. If the customer's requirements meet the company's regulations, follow the regulations; if they do not meet the regulations, patiently guide the customer and seek other solutions.    

③ Close the case within a time limit, report it in time, and avoid escalation. The superior is the resource; everyone has the responsibility to report.    

5. The main points of complaint handling    

① Acceptance of complaints shall not be pushed outward.    

② Take the initiative and push forward actively. If we are not in place, we should apologize frankly and make remedial work in a timely manner; if both parties are responsible for each other, we should first solve our own shortcomings and ask the other party to cooperate to solve the problem; if the other party has misunderstood , and strive to point it out in a way acceptable to the other party to help the other party see the essence of the problem.    

③ Take priority over normal work.    

6. Improvement of complaints    

If there is a complaint, the cause must be found; the work quality complaint must find the responsible person; the work quality complaint must be improved and implemented.    

7. Significance of Complaint Improvement    

Experts pointed out that the proposal and implementation of solutions for major complaint projects should be placed in an important position in the work, until the proportion of complaints is finally reduced, and until the quality of our work is truly improved.    

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Complaint Handling Skills    

1.  Prohibition principle of complaint handling    

① Customers don’t want you to tell facts and reason like an expert;    

② In the absence of a clear investigation of the ins and outs, listen to the demands of the guests and not rush to draw conclusions;    

③ Neither humble nor arrogant, it is meaningless if you just apologize in front of the customer; ④ Never tell the customer: "This is a common thing";    

⑤ Inconsistency in words and deeds, lack of sincerity    

⑥ Pick faults and blame customers    

2. 10 Prohibited Sentences for Handling Complaints    

① This kind of problem can even be a child.    

② You have to know that you get what you pay for.    

③ It is absolutely impossible for this to happen.    

④ You have to ask others, this is not our business.    

⑤ I don't know, I'm not clear.    

⑥ The regulations of the company are like this.    

⑦ Do you not understand Chinese (English)?    

⑧ I will contact you again (notify you) on another day.    

⑨ We have seen this kind of problem a lot.    

⑩ I never said such a thing.    

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3. Several kinds of customers who are difficult to deal with complaints    

① Emotional person    

Features: emotional, or crying or fussing;    

Suggestion: keep calm, let customers vent appropriately, express understanding, try to appease, tell customers that there will be a solution, pay attention to tone, be modest but have principles.    

② Those who express a sense of justice    

Features: Passionate tone, thinking that he is doing his best for the national industry;    

Suggestion: affirm the users and express their gratitude to them for their problems; inform that the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the love and support of the majority of users.    

③ Stubborn    

Features: insist on their own opinions, do not listen to persuasion;    

Suggestion: First express your understanding of the customer, urge the customer to solve the problem from the perspective of mutual understanding, patiently persuade, and explain the provided solution according to the characteristics of the product.    

④ Those who come prepared    

Features: Must achieve the purpose, understand the elimination method, and even record the content of the handler's conversation or audio recording;    

Suggestion: The handler must be clear about the company's service policy and consumer law-related regulations, make full use of the policy and skills, speak with confidence, and make it clear that we want to solve the user's problem sincerity.    

⑤ Those with social background and publicity ability    

Features: usually an important industry leader, TV station, newspaper reporter, lawyer, who does not meet the requirements will be exposed;    

Suggestion: Be cautious in words and deeds, avoid using words as much as possible, and report to relevant departments for research in a timely manner when the requirements cannot be met, and solve such problems quickly and efficiently.    

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Psychological adjustment of complaint handlers    

Reasonable self-disclosure;    

Divert attention;    

Eliminate the mentality of "give up";    

increase a sense of achievement;    

learn to talk;    

More communication between handlers;    

Engage in activities that are good for your physical and mental health.    

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The purpose of complaint handling is that everything comes from the customer and everything is for the customer. The two most worthwhile gains: maximum customer satisfaction and minimum loss to the company.    

We do not want complaints, but we cannot shy away from complaints.    

We should handle complaints with the work style of "rigorous, serious, active and efficient", find out the reasons and improve the quality of work. This can turn bad into good, radically reduce complaints, and continuously improve the organization.    

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