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At present, most hotels only focus on the selection and purchase of linen, and ignore the storage and circulation mechanism of linen. Unlike disposable products such as toothbrushes and shower caps, hotel linens need to be reused. Therefore, in addition to the selection of products in the early stage, subsequent cleaning and management are also very important.    

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Hotel linen is a key hotel product that is intimate with hotel guests, and guests spend almost 70% of their time on the guest room bed. Most hotels attach great importance to the selection of linen. The key to hotel management linen lies in the management of the repeated use process, and it is necessary to carry out quality control of the whole process. This aspect is the vast majority of hotels need to strengthen. This article focuses on the analysis and elaboration of the hotel linen reuse management.    

There are two cycles for the reuse of hotel linen. One cycle is to use it in the hotel from clean to the customer after use; Ironing, packing, and sending to the hotel. To achieve controllable quality of hotel linen between these two cycles, the following key issues need to be solved:    

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1. There are clear linen washing quality standards;    

2. Linen disinfection and hygiene standards in line with regulations;    

3. The hotel's clear delivery process and specifications;    

4. The water quality of the washing factory meets the standard;    

5. Qualified cleaning agent and distribution system;    

6. Suitable steam pressure and temperature;    

7. Standardized washing procedures;    

8. Strict screening standards for washing merchants    

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First of all, the "Linen Washing Framework Contract" clearly requires that all the linen to be washed should be designated by the hotel to be responsible for classifying the bedding and towels, and the quilt cover should be on the outside. Linen with obvious stains visible to the naked eye must be placed individually or all placed in the "stained linen turnover bag". The hotel is responsible for packing the linen to be washed into the "dirty linen turnover bag" according to the packing operation specifications of the washing company, which is solid and the appearance is not white, and placed in the designated area. The introduction of this requirement will greatly improve the production efficiency of the washer. More importantly, it will greatly improve the cleanliness of the hotel linen.    

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Secondly, the "Linen Washing Framework Contract" clearly defines the washing quality and hygienic standards of linen. All linen should be clean and free from odor, stains or rust; three towels (face towel, bath towel, floor towel) are naturally flat and non-deformed. , no wrinkle; soft and fluffy; three singles (sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases) are smooth, clean, crisp, wrinkle-free, no stubble; turn over correctly; there is no linen pulling, off-line or damage caused by washing ; The whiteness value of the linen within 18 months of use or within 100 times of washing meets the following requirements: bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases ≥ 80; towels, bath towels, floor towels ≥ 105; the PH standard value of linen should be 4.0-8.5 to meet the requirements ; Linen hygiene indicators should comply with the standards of GB/T 35744-2017, based on the third-party inspection report: the total number of bacteria ≤ 10CFU/cm², coliform bacteria shall not be detected, and pathogenic bacteria shall not be detected; these standards are proposed , will ensure that the quality of the hotel linen service by the washing company has a basis.    

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Then, the "Framework Contract for Linen Washing" regulates the distribution of washing companies, and the outer packaging of linen should meet the requirements of transportation (washing turnover container or airtight transportation of cloth bags) (including outer packaging and inner packaging), and can withstand warehouse storage, and It has the conditions of waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and pollution-proof; the dirt collection and distribution linen bags provided by the washing company should be distinguished by color; the delivery and transportation vehicles of the washing company should be fully enclosed, the appearance is clean and tidy, no obvious stains, and the inside of the box is clean no peculiar smell, no debris dust, no other liquid seepage, to avoid secondary pollution; the washing company's distribution and transportation vehicles should be parked in the designated area for loading and unloading; the washing company must follow the prescribed route; , cloth bags) should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and records should be kept, and the store should be inspected from time to time; the washer should try to arrange fixed vehicles, and the personnel should be responsible for collecting and sending linen for washing. If there is any change, the store should be notified one day in advance to reach an agreement. The specifications for the distribution of washing companies can effectively avoid secondary pollution in the process of linen circulation.    

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Finally, for the 13 dimensions of the evaluation of the washer, specifically related to the water, detergent, steam, washing temperature, standardized washing procedures and other aspects of the washer, there is a clearer inspection basis. Among them, the water that meets the washing quality requirements needs to reach (pH: 7-10; medium soluble solids: 100~500ppm; alkalinity: <115ppm; iron: ≤0.1mg/l; hardness: ≤50ppm; manganese: ≤0.05mg /l); the washing equipment should be washed with an automatic program, and it needs to be equipped with an automatic detergent distribution system; it is required to set appropriate parameters (such as water level, temperature, washing time, detergent amount) for different types of dirt and linen; The washing procedure should meet the hygienic standard, and the heating temperature of the main wash should reach the set temperature of 75 degrees for 30 minutes, or the temperature of 80 degrees for 10 minutes. These inspection items can better achieve stable and up-to-standard washing quality.    

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The most basic hotel needs of hotel guests are "bathing well, sleeping well, and surfing the Internet". Sleeping well is an indispensable rigid requirement for every hotel guest. Maybe some guests may not necessarily take a bath in the hotel. Maybe some guests do not necessarily use the hotel's WIFI, but there will not be a guest who will not sleep in the hotel. A good night's sleep requires a comfortable mattress, soft and breathable quilt core and pillow core, but the sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, including towels, which are in close contact with guests, need to be well cared to ensure that they can bring customers the most comfortable every time. Experience, ensure hygiene and safety, and will definitely improve the guest's hotel experience!    

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