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Concierge service concept    

The scope of the concierge service in each hotel lobby and the services provided are not exactly the same. At present, the concierge service office in the lobby of most hotels in my country is called "BELLSERVICE" in English, and "Concierge" in high-end hotels.    

The hall service personnel are generally composed of hall service supervisor, foreman, receptionist, porter, commissioned agent, etc. The concierge service in the hotel lobby is actually the hotel that provides the guest service to the guests when they stay at the hotel and when they leave the hotel, as well as provide luggage and other services for the guests.    

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lobby concierge work steps    

1,Take the initiative to say hello to the guests who arrive at the store and express their welcome.    

2,Remove guest luggage from the car, and assist guests in checking luggage and checking its integrity.    

3.Lead the guests to the front desk, check and check the luggage of the guests, and decide whether to use a hand luggage or a luggage cart depending on the amount of luggage. When carrying luggage, the guests' valuables and fragile items, such as handbags, laptop computers, cameras, etc., should be kept by the guests themselves.    

When packing luggage, you should put large, hardware and heavy items on the bottom, and small, software and light items on top. At the same time, it should be noted that when carrying luggage, do not use excessive force, let alone kick the luggage of guests.    

When leading the guest, you should walk in front of the guest, two or three steps away, follow the footsteps of the guest, and turn around to greet the guest when there are many people around the corner.    

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4.When the guest checks in, help the guest to take care of the luggage. The specific operation process: put your hands behind your back, stand on the side of the reception desk (behind the guest's side, about four meters away from the reception desk) and wait for the guest, keep an eye on the guest The receptionist at the front desk.    

5.After the guest registration is completed, take the initiative to take the room key from the receptionist and lead the guest to the room. At the same time, actively greet the guests warmly on the way to the room, and introduce the characteristics of the hotel, the newly added service items, especially the promotion activities, etc. in a timely manner.    

6.Take the elevator. Guests should be asked to enter the elevator first in order to press the floor button.    

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7.After arriving at the door of the room, you should knock on the door, make sure there is no response in the room, and then use the key to open the door.    

8,After opening the room, turn on the main switch, confirm the state of the room, and then let the guests enter the room. Put luggage on the luggage rack or as instructed by the guest. In the daytime, the curtains should be opened for the guests and the keys should be handed over to the guests. If you find that the guest room is not tidy or the guest is dissatisfied with the guest room after opening the door, you should apologize to the guest immediately, and quickly contact the reception office to quickly change the room for the guest.    

9,After the guest enters the room, he will introduce the in-room facilities and usage to the guest. When introducing, pay attention to the method to avoid empty introduction, such as "this is a TV", pay attention to the location and method of all available facilities in the room, such as air conditioner switch, refrigerator location, bar usage method, etc.    

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10.After the introduction, ask the guests if they have other needs. If there are no other needs, politely say goodbye to the guests, close the door gently, and leave quickly.    

11.Finally, after returning to the lobby, fill in the guest's check-in baggage handling record, fill in the guest's request or other points that need attention, and pass the information to the relevant responsible personnel in the front office to meet the guest's needs.    

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How to improve the quality of concierge service in the lobby    

1. Strengthen the selection and training of concierge service personnel, assign personnel according to their posts, and implement a post responsibility system.    

① Pick-up etiquette training    

1) Know the arrival time:The escorting personnel must accurately grasp the arrival time of the plane, train and ship that the guests take, and should notify in time if there is any change.    

2) Pay attention to the etiquette when picking up the station:For guests who have made a reservation in advance and come from afar, they should take the initiative to meet them at the station, wharf, or airport. Generally, it is necessary to arrive 15 minutes before the arrival of the flight, train, and ship, so that guests who have traveled long distances to their destination will not be unhappy due to waiting.    

3) Dress requirements:When receiving guests from different countries, they should take into account the habit of clothing colors that they can accept. The receptionist should be familiar with the color preferences of people from different countries.    

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② In-store service etiquette training    

1) Welcome greetings:The reception staff should greet each other with a smile, first the guest of honor, then the entourage, and then the female guest and then the male guest.    

2) Issuing the room card:Hand over the room card to the guests in time, open the elevator door for the guests, invite the guests to enter the elevator with gestures, and take the initiative to help the guests who are inconvenient to enter the elevator.    

3) Queue to welcome:When important guests or groups arrive, organize waiters to line up at the door to welcome them. The clothing should be neat and tidy, and the spirit should be full. When the guests arrive, they should applaud. When necessary, the general manager and relevant leaders should come forward to greet them. The team shall not be disbanded until all guests enter the store or all vehicles drive away.    

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③ Drop-off etiquette training    

1) Specifications:The specifications of the farewell are roughly the same as those of the reception, except that the order of the main guests is exactly the opposite of that of the welcoming guests. The welcoming staff is in front of the guests, and the guests are in the back;    

2) Notes:    

Ready to checkout:Prepare in time for the checkout before the guests leave the store, including checking the use of drinks in the mini bar, etc., and do not catch up with the guests after the guests leave and ask the guests to make up for the "missing bills".    

Baggage ready:The waiter or waiter should deliver the guest's luggage or slightly heavy items to the door.    

Open the door:The hotel staff should help the guests to open the car door. When the door is opened, the right hand hangs on the top of the car door, and the guest of honor first, then the attendant, the female guest first, the male guest, or the main guest and the guest will get on by themselves.    

3) Farewell:When sending guests off, they should take the initiative to solicit their opinions on the hotel, and express polite expressions such as "please forgive me for the inadequacies", "welcome again" and "goodbye".    

Sending off the guests should say goodbye to the guests, wish a happy journey, and watch the guests leave to show respect.    

4) Delivery:If you want to accompany you to the station, airport, wharf, etc., you should wave your hands when the car and boat start, and you can leave after the departure.    

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2. The front office concierge service should be enthusiastic and pay attention to improving efficiency.    

①Whether a guest comes to check in or consults with the hotel, once the guest steps into the front desk, the hotel staff must greet the guest within 60 seconds, expressing the hotel's welcome to the guest.    

When guests arrive, greet them warmly and proactively. This can be said to be the first step in polite service. When greeting, use polite addresses such as "Mr." and "Ms.", and greetings such as "Hello," "Good morning," and "Good evening." When picking up guests, pay full attention and maintain eye contact with the guests.    

②When a guest comes to check in, the hotel staff should give a warm reception, and at the same time limit the service time, and request that the guest can complete the check-in procedure quickly.    

③When guests check out and collect money, hotel staff should do so efficiently.    

④Hotel staff should connect the phone when the phone rings three times, and the front desk must provide 24-hour telephone service.    

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3. Strengthen the construction of hotel culture    

In any corner of the hotel, there are courteous service staff, standardized operation, professional smile, and a humble demeanor, so that guests can be influenced by etiquette culture all the time.    

For example: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel put forward the service concept of "We are gentlemen and ladies serving gentlemen and ladies", which is an extension of their hotel service culture, and also established a brand effect, and the world's hotels have followed suit.    

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4. Do a good job in the specific things in the work of the concierge    

① Prepare in advance    

To welcome and send high-status guests, arrange VIP lounges at the airport, station, and wharf in advance, and prepare drinks. Send someone to the airport to wait for the guests, instead of going through relevant formalities and claiming luggage. After arriving at the hotel, play elegant music to eliminate the fatigue of the guests' journey. In addition, you can also prepare some latest newspapers and magazines. Staff are trained to make a good and pleasant first impression on guests.    

② Assist the work    

Assign someone to assist in the relevant procedures, air tickets, car, ferry tickets and baggage claim or check-in procedures. For important delegations with a large number of people and a lot of luggage, the luggage of the main guests should be taken out first, and it is best to ask the other party to send someone to cooperate and send it to the residence in time for changing clothes.    

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③ During reception    

Must strictly implement the hotel reception work system and other relevant regulations, and consciously maintain the reputation of the hotel. Treat customers equally. When serving customers, we should follow the principle of first master first, women first, men first.    

④ After checking in    

Master the occupancy of the guest rooms, make various reports about the occupancy of the guest rooms, provide accurate information for the operation and management of the hotel, and pass the relevant information of the guests to various departments through computers, telephones, documents, reports and other methods and channels.    

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5. The hotel establishes an effective incentive mechanism and promotion system to achieve clear rewards and punishments    

The operation and management of modern enterprises must adhere to the "three gods", namely: market, customers and employees! An old employee said to the leader in the hotel's BBS: "Be kind to employees, be a good leader, and remember that not all you manage are machines."    

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I think this may be what every employee wants to say to their leaders. "Only satisfied employees can have satisfactory service." That is the truth.    

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