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Because the deputy position often plays a dual role: for the full-time position, the deputy position is the assistant director, whose duty is to be a good assistant to the director, closely cooperating with the full-time position to direct a "play" well; for the work in charge of himself , the deputy is also the director, and he must give full play to his own subjective initiative, coordinate all aspects of strength, and play a role in blocking one side.    

So, how can we play the "role" of the deputy position at the grass-roots level and be the right-hand man of the main job? Through practice, I feel that I have the following four experiences:    

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Serving as a staff advisor around the intention of the official position

1. To assist in decision-making and be a good staff advisor.    

It is an important duty of the deputy to come up with good ideas and assist in decision-making. Deputies should participate in decision-making and should not be passive. They should be staff advisors and make suggestions around the overall work, actively use their brains, think of ways, do everything possible to implement them, and put forward practical suggestions. If you can't take a job, you can do whatever you want, passively deal with it, and do nothing.    

2, to have a good idea, no crooked ideas.    

Suggestions put forward must meet the requirements of superiors and the actual situation of the hotel, which is conducive to the overall construction, long-term construction and fundamental construction of the hotel business, so that no ideas that violate the policy regulations, suggestions that do not conform to the actual situation of the unit are not raised, and opinions put forward by subordinates And advice to keep it off.    

3. The decision has been made, and it must be implemented well.    

The resolutions that have been formed by the team must be thoroughly implemented, and new ideas and slogans cannot be arbitrarily proposed, which will interfere with the determination to shake the official position.    

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Especially when your opinion is denied, you can't have negative emotions. Even if you prove your opinion to be right in practice, don't make a statement everywhere, arguing about who is right and who is wrong. Always learn the spirit of instructions from your superiors and grasp the direction well; always investigate and research to grasp the actual situation of the unit; always understand the horizontal experience and have a correct "reference frame"; always use your brains to think about problems and find the best "combination point" ".    

Only in this way, the ideas can be adopted by the team and get the attention of senior officials. 

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In place not offside, according to the division of labor to implement    

Being in place and not offside is the basic requirement for every leading cadre. Not being in place is a sign of lack of professionalism, and going beyond that is interfering with other people's powers. To perform their duties, the deputy should fulfill the following "four in place":    

1. Publicity and mobilization are in place.    

The deputy should be able to timely and accurately convey the decision-making of the party group and the intention of the main office. Let cadres and workers understand and accept it and turn it into conscious action.    

2. Specific guidance is in place.    

Usually go to the department in charge of investigation and research, comprehensively and seriously understand the work situation, strengthen communication with the cadres in the department in charge, timely understand the difficulties and problems existing in the completion of specific work by comrades, and take the initiative to help solve and increase coordination. . For the work that you are responsible for, you must take the initiative to grasp it, explore the way, make a good appearance, and ensure that it is implemented.    

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3. Check and supervise in place.    

While doing a good job of transactional work, the unit's phased center and key work, as well as the work required by the regular position for many times, are implemented in each position and each link.    

4. Ask for instructions and report in place.    

Make the hotel "leader" know the progress of the specific work at any time, and grasp the situation in time. If you don’t go offside, you must do what you need to decide by your official position, and you don’t “make the final call”; you don’t take power when someone else is in charge of it; you don’t interfere with what your subordinates should implement.    

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The contribution is not famous, do more work below the "horizon"    

In my opinion, when a deputy post, one should have the following ideological qualities: pull the sidelines and work hard, make up for the holes with maneuvers, make more efforts and become less famous, and sing black faces without competing for credit. The deputy position is the shadow of the full-time position. When there are grades, the sun is in front, and the shadow is in the back;    

When there is a problem, the sun is behind and the shadow is in front. Therefore, the deputy must correct his position: do not compete for the protagonist, do not steal the scene, do not take the lead, and be willing to be a green leaf and a safflower. When encountering complex situations and thorny problems, we must have the courage to take risks; when we undertake urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks, we must bravely take on heavy burdens and solve problems with sincerity;    

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When implementing, always focus on the hotel GM's decision-making and the intention of the official position, ask for instructions and reports in a timely manner, and do not use the name of innovation to create a different way to build up your own prestige; Attitude, willing to be an unsung hero; 

To deal with mistakes, we must have the character and courage to be willing to take responsibility. Think about the problem from the perspective of the official position everywhere, and implement it according to your own division of labor.   

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Make up the stage without dismantling the stage, and consciously maintain the unity of the team and the prestige of the official position    

The team is a whole, and only when the members cooperate with each other can the role of each person be fully exerted and the power of the whole can be exerted. Complement each other with a good show, and tear each other down. Therefore, we must advocate "singles" as champions and "teams" to win gold medals.    

1. It is necessary to strengthen the party spirit and make up for the unity of the maintenance team.    

Look more at the merits of others, don't discuss the right and wrong of others, and treat each other with sincerity. If you have something to say in person, you should beat the gong in front of you, and don't beat the drum behind your back. When there is a conflict within the team, you must actively resolve it, and don't "add oil and vinegar".    

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2. We must pay close attention to the implementation and make up for the completion of the task.    

You should think about what you didn't expect from your official position. You should do your best to do things assigned by your official position. When you make mistakes in your official position, you should make up for it. You can't stand aside and watch jokes.    

3. Be strict with yourself and make up for it in a positive atmosphere.    

Adhere to the principle of upholding public rights, act in a fair manner, respect, self-examination, self-police, and self-motivation, and ask others to do it, do it yourself first; resolutely do not do what you forbid others to do. Be an upright person, be an official with a clean slate, and create a good image of leading cadres.    


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