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A truly powerful person will not easily let others know their trump card. And those who are novice, and some who understand the workplace, just need to listen to a few words, and they will probably know the strength of this person.

Some words cannot be said even if they are true, some words must be said even if they are false, some words will make people think you must be a super old expert, and some words will let people know that you are unreliable of raw melon eggs.    

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The power of words is so amazing. But what to say and what not to say?    

Today, I will discuss with you, those young people who are quickly promoted in the workplace never say anything.    

"This has always been done before"    

To use a particularly common saying, technology is changing with each passing day, and the speed at which the world is changing is also a bit jaw-dropping. Even if it is a project that was done six months ago, it is very likely that there will be a new implementation method and a new way of playing.    

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So don't tell others without investigation and research: We have done this kind of project before.    

Saying things like that just makes you feel like you're stuck, lazy, and inflexible. Your boss pays you to do your job better and better, not to stay the same.    

And if you're always doing something the same way, you're probably overlooking a better way.    

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"This is not my fault"    

Diffusion "pots" are definitely not a good idea. No matter how little responsibility you take on in this job, if something goes wrong, you should never let it go.    

If this job has nothing to do with you, then you should explain things objectively and rationally, and never tell others that this is the responsibility of xxx.    

Your boss and coworkers are not stupid, and as long as you stick to the facts, they should know who is to blame.    

If you insist on accusing someone, you will make a very bad impression on that person, and you will give your boss and other colleagues the image of a whistleblower, which is very detrimental to your future work.    

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"I can't do it"    

The word "I can't" is also a very negative word. The boss or colleagues must have the expectation that "he can do it" before you come to work for you. In their eyes, saying that you can't do it is equivalent to The shirk is that you simply don't want to help with the work.    

But people are not omnipotent. If you really can't do it, what should you say instead of shirk? You should provide a fallback that while I can't do this, there are other things I can do to help you.    

For example, instead of saying "I can't stay up late for this job", you can say "I can get up early tomorrow to do this job". The former shows a "can't" you, while the latter shows a you who always has a way.    

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'It's not fair'    

Even the seesaw can't be balanced forever, how can life be fair forever? If you keep complaining about an unfair life, an unfair boss, and an unfair division of labor, it means you think everything should be fair in the first place. How can there be so much fairness in the world.    

If you don't want people to think you're a fledgling kid, you'd better see the facts, stay positive, and leave your petulance outside of work.    

Take ten thousand steps back, the unfairness that falls on you today will fall on others sooner or later. Everyone's life, in general, is fair.    

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What should be done then?    

You can look at some problems more rationally. For example, the boss gave someone else a big project that you are jealous of. You should not first think about whether this person is a close friend of the boss.    

Instead, you should ask the boss, "I originally wanted to win this project, and I did a lot of preparations. I wonder if I am not suitable for this project? Is there anything I can improve?"    

Saying these things may feel uncomfortable at first, but it gets better over time, and it's much more efficient than guessing what your boss is thinking.    

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"It's not my job"    

People who say this will give people the feeling that he just wants to get one cent of his salary for this job, he is only willing to manage one-third of his own land, and he lacks a plan for his career future.    

What should be the correct way?    

For example, if your boss asks you to do a job that is not within your scope of responsibility, you should complete the job as explained by the boss first, instead of arguing with the boss in the office: this is not within my scope of responsibility.    

If you say that you are "arguing" with him in the office, it will make both sides unable to step down. After doing this "extra work", you can talk to your boss again to clarify what your responsibilities are and whether the boss has new plans for you.    

Doing so can not only avoid conflicts between the two parties, but also effectively clarify your functional positioning.    

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"let me try"    

Similar to "I think about it","I'll try it" shows that you lack the confidence and ability to reach your goals. When you are faced with this kind of predicament, you should learn the fine tradition of our army's commanders and fighters in the face of a powerful enemy: to ensure the completion of the task.    

If you're thinking you can't do it, then go to point 3 for an alternative suggestion.    

"takes you a few minutes"    

This sentence is very similar to the words "I'll say a few more words" and "I'll invite you to dinner in a few days", and they are all fake politeness.    

Everyone is an old driver, and they are very busy. As soon as it takes a few minutes for you, others will have the feeling that this person has come again. Everyone's time is limited, please speak up if you have something, and don't use such hypocritical routines. Unless you really can do it in a few minutes.   

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"Judging other colleagues"    

Commenting on other colleagues is a big no-no in the workplace. If what you say about someone is true, and everyone is not stupid, they should all know; if what you say about someone is false, then you should not say it.    

It is a taboo to speak ill of others in any office. On the one hand, you don’t know if what you are saying is right or not. On the other hand, you also don’t know what the person listening to you is thinking. Maybe he turns his head. It's possible to tell your bad words to others.    

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Besides, if others are good or bad, they don't ask you to help them, and they don't take a penny of your salary. It's a thankless thing for you to spread the blame of others everywhere. Why bother?    

Speaking is really a job that requires a lot of skills, and if you take a wrong step, you may face many problems.    

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