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Demonstrate good professional qualities    

The good professional quality of the head office staff is half of the sales success. The reception desk is the place to leave the first impression on the guests. When a guest arrives at a hotel for the first time, he may not know much about the hotel. His understanding of the hotel and the judgment of the product quality start from the appearance and behavior of the employees at the reception desk. of. Therefore, the front desk staff must smile, receive every guest with a correct posture, a warm attitude, polite language, and fast and standardized service. This is the basis for the success of the head office sales.    

Grasp the characteristics of the guests    

Different guests have different characteristics and have different requirements for hotels. For example, business guests are usually on business trips and do not care much about room prices, but require quiet, bright rooms, spacious offices, thoughtful service, high efficiency, well-equipped hotels and in-room offices, and entertainment programs; tourist guests require room views Beautiful, clean and hygienic, but on a budget, they are more concerned about the price of the room; honeymooners prefer a quiet, undisturbed double room with a large bed; celebrities, high earners and parents with children prefer suites; elderly and Disabled guests prefer to stay close to elevators and restaurants...    

Therefore, when receiving guests, the receptionist at the front desk should pay attention to grasp the characteristics of the guests (age, gender, occupation, nationality, tourism, motivation, etc.) from the aspects of the guests' clothing and dress, speech and behavior, and the number of entourage. Psychologically, make targeted sales.    

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Get an overview of the hotel    

1. Familiar with the hotel situation    

It means to understand the design characteristics, decoration, layout, display, various service facilities, service items, entertainment items of the hotel, especially the types and characteristics of restaurants and guest rooms, and the price policy of the hotel.    

2. Promote the benefits of the hotel    

Mainly to highlight its environmental location, such as our hotel's elegant and quiet geographical environment, outstanding garden-style features, etc.    

3. Emphasize the characteristics of the hotel    

This refers to the different characteristics and advantages of this hotel compared with other hotels. For example, this hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the local area. It has picturesque scenery on all sides and is surrounded by water on three sides. It is a garden or a hotel with plants everywhere. It has a garden-style restaurant community, large and small conference rooms, swimming pools for adults and children, as well as well-equipped supporting service facilities such as a health center, dance hall, etc., as well as the comfort and elegance of guest rooms and villas. Luxurious and more.    

4. Build good relationships    

When guests arrive at the hotel, they should welcome the guests and introduce the situation of the hotel to the guests. If they are on the phone or doing things for the guests, they should also welcome the new guests and let the guests know that you have noticed his arrival. , not to make him feel cold.    

If the guests have any problems, they should help them solve their problems in time. If the guests change the hotel plan for some reason, they will also introduce other hotels to him enthusiastically. Some guests need hotel information or information, and they should be warmly received and try to meet their requirements. Recognize that they are hotel guests or future guests and make a good impression on them.   


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Selling rooms, not selling prices    

When receptionists receive guests, a common mistake is to only talk about the price without introducing the characteristics of the guest rooms. As a result, many guests are often discouraged, or reluctantly accepted, but they are not happy in their hearts.    

Therefore, when the receptionist sells the guest room, he must make a proper description of the guest room, so as to reduce the weight of the room price and highlight the characteristics that the guest room can meet the needs of the guests.    

For example, instead of just saying: "A room for 500 yuan, do you want it?" Instead, you should say: "A newly renovated, spacious room...", "A comfortable, quiet room with a beautiful view." The guest room” and so on, such adjectives are endless, and only in this way can it be easily accepted by the guests. Of course, to accurately describe a guest room, one must first understand the characteristics of the guest room, which is one of the most basic requirements for front desk staff.    

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Quote money from high to low    

Quote from high to low to maximize room profitability and room economics. Of course, this does not mean that the reception of every guest must start from the presidential room, but requires the receptionist to first determine an acceptable price range for the guest (judging based on the identity of the guest, the purpose of the visit, etc.) ), quoted in this range from high to low.    

According to consumer psychology, the guest will often accept the room you recommend first. If the guest thinks it is too expensive, it can be downgraded by one grade and recommended to the guest with the second highest price, so that the guest can sell the guest room with the highest price acceptable to the guest. Thereby improving the economic efficiency of the hotel.    

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Choose the appropriate quotation method    

According to different room types, there are three ways to quote a room:    

1. "Shock" quotation

That is, the price is quoted first, and then the service facilities and items provided by the room are proposed. This quotation method is more suitable for rooms with lower prices and is mainly aimed at customers with lower consumption levels.    

2. "Fishtail" quotation

First introduce the service facilities and projects provided, as well as the characteristics of the room, and finally quote the price, highlighting the quality and reducing the impact of the price on the guests. This quotation is suitable for mid-range rooms.    

3. "Sandwich" quotation

"Sandwich" quotation is also known as "sandwich" quotation, that is, placing the house price in the middle of the services provided for quotation can play a role in reducing the price weight. For example, "a spacious and comfortable room, the price is only 600 yuan, this price also includes a breakfast, service charge, a cup of free coffee...". This kind of quotation is suitable for medium and high-end rooms, and can be aimed at customers with high consumption level and certain status and prestige.  

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The art of mindful language    

Front desk staff should not only speak politely, but also pay attention to artistry when selling guest rooms and receiving guests. Otherwise, although there is no malice, it may offend the guests, or at least not make them feel good. For example, you should say: "You're lucky, we happen to have a beautiful single room!" Instead of saying, "This is the only single room left, do you want it?"    

When guests are hesitant, make more suggestions    

When guests are hesitant, it is a critical time for the success of room sales. At this time, the receptionist at the front desk must correctly analyze the psychological activities of the guests, patiently and do everything possible to eliminate their doubts, give more suggestions, and do not easily let go of any guests who may be staying at the hotel. You know, at this time, any neglect, indifference and impatience will lead to the failure of sales.    

Front office employees should understand that their responsibility is not only to sell hotel rooms, but also to sell hotel service facilities and projects without losing time. If they do not advertise to guests, they may not be used for a long time, because guests do not know. As a result, guests felt inconvenience and the hotel suffered losses.    

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When recommending services to customers, pay attention to the time and occasion. For example, when guests arrive in the evening, they can introduce the characteristics and business hours of the hotel restaurant, the content of hotel entertainment activities and sauna services to the guests; if they arrive late at night, they can introduce the 24-hour cafe service or in-room dining service to the guests; After an overnight trip and arriving at the hotel early in the morning, you may need to do laundry and iron your coat. At this time, you should introduce the hotel laundry service to the guests.    

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