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Restaurant service    

1,Waiting time for customers to order dishes When customers enter the restaurant and take their seats, the waiter should come in the restaurant to greet customers within 2 minutes at the latest and order food for customers.    

2,Time to serve the order to the table - after the customer's order, the first order of the order must be served to the table in time, 10 minutes for breakfast, 15 minutes for lunch and dinner.    

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3.Table cleaning - After the guests finish eating and leave the table, the waiter must clear the table within 4 minutes and reset the table.    

4.Room service - Guests order food in the room by phone, dishes must be delivered to the guest room in a timely manner. Breakfast delivery is 25 minutes; 30 minute lunch delivery service; Dinner delivery service is limited to 35 minutes.    

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Lobby Bar Service    

1,Guests are waiting for service time in the lobby bar - after the guests are seated, the waiter must come to serve the guests within 30 seconds.    

2,time for guests to serve drinks to the table - during reduced hours, guest drinks (drinks) must be served to the table within 3 minutes; During peak hours of work, it must be brought to the table within 5 minutes.    

3.Cleaning the tables in the lobby bar - After the guests leave, they must clean the tables within 2 minutes and keep them clean so that the new guests can be seated.    

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Labor intensity and service effect    

1,Each waiter in a restaurant is responsible for ordering and delivering food for 40 to 50 guests per day.    

2,Guides are responsible for making 20 to 50 guests have meals every hour.    

3.The waiter is responsible for completing the cocktail preparation for 5-6 guests per hour.    

4.The chef of a restaurant needs to prepare dishes for 6 to 12 guests every hour, and 40 to 60 guests every day.    

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Room service    

1,Each room hostess is responsible for arranging 16-18 rooms per day (international hotel industry standard), and every hotel room hostess in my country is responsible for arranging 10-15 rooms per day.    

2,It takes 25-30 minutes for the room hostess to arrange the room, and at the same time, it must meet the standards of cleanliness, comfort, convenience and safety.    

3.Additional services such as bath towels and extra beds that guests need temporarily must be delivered to the guest room within 10 minutes of guest calling.    


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Engineering maintenance services    

1,Guest room maintenance - If the guest uses the telephone to inform the front desk or telephone exchange of guest room maintenance items, engineering maintenance personnel must arrive at the guest room maintenance site within 5 minutes.    

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2,Maintenance items in public places, such as restaurants, conference rooms, etc. - Engineering maintenance personnel will arrive at the maintenance site within 15 minutes after receiving the maintenance call or maintenance notice for timely maintenance.    

3.Conference facilities planning - The use of multi-purpose hotel halls is also frequent, especially for large, medium and small seminars, trade fairs, etc. All arrangements and planning of the meeting, such as sound, lighting, etc., the engineering staff is responsible for all arrangements one hour before the start of the meeting to ensure the effect of the meeting.    

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Front office service    

1,Waiting Time for Guests to Reception Front Office Service Desk - Once a guest enters the Front Office Service Desk, whether it is for check-in or inquiries, Front Office Service Reception staff must receive the guest within 60 seconds and welcome the guests.Arrival, otherwise There is a lack of service etiquette.    

2,It's time for guests to move in and check in - Front desk service receptionists should not only treat guests' transfer and check-in procedures enthusiastically, but also follow service efficiency time, that is, time guests are limited to transfer procedures to 2 minutes.    

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3.Check-out time for departing guests - Effective service time is limited to 1 minute for guests to check-out and collect payment.    

4.Telephone Service - Telephone calls between guests and the hotel must be answered and delivered within 3 phone rings. The main service desk shall have a 24-hour telephone service.    

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Ten principles of customer service    

1,More than any other job, first and foremost is learning how to help your customers.    

2,You have to keep in mind that you are here to fulfill the customer's needs, and all other reasons are secondary.    

3,Customers are always right because only they know if they are fully satisfied and if they are getting what they paid for.   

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4 ,When unsatisfied customers send you a complaint letter or call you to file a complaint, it is a sign that they are not getting what they expected in return.    

5,Dissatisfied customers are not a problem, they are a challenge or an opportunity for you, and instead of complaining to others, they give you a chance to correct your mistakes.    

6,Put yourself in the shoes of the dissatisfied customer and think about what you would ask the other person to do if you were in their shoes. This way, you can convert them into happy customers in a good way.    

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7,If there are unsatisfied customers, it is not enough to give them everything you have already promised, you should surprise them with some additional benefits.    

8,This part of the additional benefit should motivate them so that they become regular customers.    

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9,When you deal with unsatisfied customers, you must understand that you are keeping a customer who is leaving. Instead of a deal about to be lost.    

10,We must treat customers as long-term customers with patience and warmth, and we must put an end to any hasty and contemptuous behavior in receiving customers.    

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