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I have formed my own understanding of the positioning and value points of these two positions: In general, the difference between the two is the short-term and long-term, point and surface, local and overall, tactics and strategy, execution and strategy, hands and feet and the brain.

Specifically, the difference between hotel marketing and sales is mainly reflected as follows: 

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1,The market is to solve the problems of competition and the future; the sales are to solve the problems of the present and the present. When a hotel relies more and more on sales, it means that the sales and sales management capabilities are getting weaker and weaker. If the salesperson feels alone, the marketing function is missing.    

2,Markets are about finding needs and making them; sales are simply fulfilling needs.    

3.Marketing is to maximize one's own resource mix and strengths; sales are to maximize the potential of customers and the ability to bring back funds.    

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4.The market is to change the consumer's psychological cognition and mental model; to manipulate the consumer's subconscious. Selling is to immediately guide and change consumers' purchasing habits and to immediately make consumers purchase behaviors.    

5.Markets help consumers make choices; sales suggest or force consumers to make choices.    

6.The object of the market is the consumer; the object of the sale is the customer (channel and terminal).   

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7.Doing a market is the concept of selling the same price; doing a sale is to sell products that are consistent with the value.    

8,To do a market is to do a category and sell a brand; to do a sales is to do a product and sell its use value.    

9,The function of the market is to change the price parameters of consumers; the function of sales is to change the behavior pattern of consumers.    

10.The market is to build consumers' sense of value; sales are to provide consumers with a sense of cheapness.    

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11.The market is to persuade the consumer; the sale is to facilitate the consumer.    

12.What the market does is market expansion, and what the sales do is the current payment collection. If you don't do well in the market, you will die sooner or later; if you don't do well in sales, you will die now. Market expansion is the core work of market personnel; sales receipts and share expansion are the duties of sales personnel.    

13.Marketing is about nurturing markets; sales is about capturing them.    

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14.Market research planning is leading; sales execution incentives are king.    

15.Markets focus on rationality and research; sales focus on sensibility and wolves.    

16.The market focuses on communication and brand building; sales focus on promotion and sales, and combating competing products.    

17.Marketing is the art of spending money; selling is the art of making money.    

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18.The market devises strategies and wins thousands of miles;    

19.To be a market is to make what consumers want; to sell is to sell what you have.    

20.The market is to make consumers willing to pay; sales are to use means to "grab" consumers' money.    

21,Market focuses on system work; sales focus on individual combat.    

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22,Market is the organization and coordination of resources; sales is the effective use of resources.    

23,A marketer must be a salesman; but a sales and business master is not necessarily a marketer.    

24,What sales people often say is that your marketing plan or POA (quarterly marketing action plan) is behind closed doors and has no implementability; what marketers often say is that your people do not have the ability to execute, and they are just doing evil things. 

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25.The goal of the marketing department is to establish a brand, expand brand awareness, enhance its reputation, and provide consumers with reasons to buy products; while the work goal of the sales department is how to deliver products to consumers and successfully recover the payment.    

26.Marketing does strategic planning; sales does tactical implementation. In layman's terms, the market is the brain; sales are the hands and feet. Or "market is the way"; "sales is the art".    

27.The market considers the overall situation and is the executor of the strategy; the sales consideration is a partial problem, mainly to realize the immediate purchase and payment of consumers in this way, which is only one aspect of marketing.    

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28.The market considers the long-term interests and development of the hotel, with a period of three to five years; the short-term and immediate benefits of the company that realize the sales are realized, and the sales target is based on the period of year, quarter and month.    

29.The marketing department provides combat programs and guns and ammunition; the sales department implements ground operations.    

30.Marketing is business; sales is business.    

31.Marketing is from the outside in, focusing on consumers; sales is from the inside out, focusing on the inside of the company.    

32.The sales force is the ground force; the marketing force is the air fire support.    

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33.Those who want to do a good job in the market should have first-line sales experience; those who want to do a good job in sales must also have a market concept and be invincible.    

34.In the market, "the performance of the market is measured by market share and brand awareness and reputation"; while sales are measured by sales, that is, the amount of money collected.    

35.Sales is more about personal charm; marketing is the overall quality of the hotel. Sales is beneficial to personal ability improvement and more opportunities in the battle of hand-to-hand combat; while marketing requires industry background, professional technology, insight analysis, and planning and thinking skills.  

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36.Small hotels and many domestic hotels are sales-oriented; large hotels and international brand hotels are market-oriented.    

37.Doing the market requires norms and rationality; doing sales requires flexibility and innovation.    

38.The market is to do the brand; the sales is to do the scale.    

39.Markets call consumers potential customers; sales call consumers actual customers.    

40.The market is the overall layout and offensive tactics of a football game; and sales are the striker's footsteps.  

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41.To be a marketer is to love someone for a long time with heart, love and time; to be a salesman is to offer flowers immediately to win your heart.    

42.The market is to make the product "sell well"; the sale is to make the product "sell well".    

43.The market is to grab the mind of the consumer; the sale is to grab the competitor's share.    

44.The market is to put the goods into the hearts of consumers; the sales are to put the goods on the shelves.   

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45.Markets are the pull; sales are the push.    

46.The market is the face; the sale is the point. The market involves research, positioning, product development, concept planning, and formulation of marketing plans; sales are delivery and payment.    

47.Doing a market is doing chips; doing sales is doing a display screen.    

48.The market is clairvoyant; sales are the downside.    

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