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More than 40 items of attention to prepare the hotel for opening - Hanbi Textile


1,Determine the organizational structure of the management team    

Determining the organizational structure of the future hotel management team according to the expected hotel management model. Including setting the hotel's decision-making level and management, establishing channels of communication between business managers and investors, and defining forms and procedures for reporting and approving business transactions.    

2,Improving working conditions for management team    

Including the establishment of the preparatory office office location and the preparation of related office conditions, etc., to create a good environment for the operation and management team to do the preparatory work.    

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3.Compile the outline of the hotel's medium and long-term development plan    

The management organizes the operation and management team to study and understand the pre-planning market plan for the hotel project determined by the investors, ensure that the purpose of the operation preparation plan aligns with the market plan, implement the pre-defined business policy, and formulate the outline of the medium and long-term development plan for the hotel based on this idea, Which include the hotel's medium and long-term goals, hotel project responsibilities, the idea of reaching the goal and the management process control plan.    

4.Hotel name and logo design    

Including Chinese and English names, fonts, main colors and logos of the designed hotel. After the design is completed, in order to ensure that the market image is not illegally violated, it is generally necessary to apply for trademark registration.    

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5.Conduct market research and gather relevant information    

The management party organizes management personnel in various departments to conduct research on the regional hotel market, to understand the state of regional tourism resources, the hotel industry production value, the number of hotels, hotel operation, surrounding topics, guest consumption habits and social catering and entertainment enterprises of a certain scale quantity and implementation of the system Prices and prospects for hotel market development and other information.    

Identify and analyze potential competitors or competitors, focusing on customer source structure analysis, product positioning, pricing policy, average home price, rental rate, service characteristics, catering cuisines, beverage preferences, per capita consumption, entertainment item settings and shipping standards and other commercial data .  


6. Confirm the product structure and functional support of the hotel

Including the size of hotel rooms, the layout of different room types, the size of catering and entertainment facilities, and related supporting service facilities. 

7. Formulate the price policy 

Draft the hotel rate system on the basis of the pre-planned market plan and market research of the hotel project, including descriptions of prices and cost of all items subject to charges for guests, as well as relevant descriptions of the price policy and price control, etc.    

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8. Hotel profile preparation

 The hotel profile during the process preparation period is mainly used for staff recruitment and training and investment promotion in the hotel's external rental projects. 

Hotel profile includes: hotel name, type, investor introduction, management mode, basic customer facilities, geographic location, surrounding tourist resources, business address, zip code, reservation phone number, fax, website, room rate list, business characteristics, etc. . . 

According to the specific situation of the customer source structure, there are also annotations in English, Japanese, Korean or other language. 

9. The preparation of the hotel annual business plan 

Based on the pre-planned market plan of the hotel project and market research conclusions, which includes approximately 11 main content: 

Business management overview, hotel business objectives, cost control, product analysis, market identification, market segmentation and market selection, selection of business strategy, core business strategy, product development strategy (general functional design and product positioning), marketing strategy, business plan implementation plan, etc. 

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10. Compile the hotel organization

Set up the organization system according to the hotel's business plan, and detail the management and management guidance. The hotel management level is generally divided into four parts: the decision-making layer, the management layer, the executive layer, and the operating layer. 

Different hotel types and standards have different levels of management. The management party should design and draw the general organizational chart of the hotel according to the actual situation. In determining employment, the hotel market situation and department preparation in the business plan should be taken into account, and the following limits should prevail. Staff should take into account the impact of labor costs on the operating results of the hotel, and the ratio of the number of rooms to the number of employees should be in line with the Hotel Development Act. 

11. Compile the hotel staffing system

Reasonably arrange the staff's shifts and working hours according to the working and office hours of each department of the hotel. The hotel staffing system must comply with the laws and regulations of the national and local labor and social security departments. The hotel must describe the relevant system in the employee handbook.

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12. Compilation of the salary system 

According to the actual situation of the hotel operation site and the shape of the hotel, the salary standards of staff at all levels of the hotel are approved, and the salary structure is reasonably planned. The distribution of the differences in scores is based on the principle of more work, more benefits and benefits first.

13. Staff appointment

According to the organization and hotel staff, the number of appointees is approved. In addition to the hotel's recruitment system, relevant business departments will issue staff recruitment criteria to take full advantage of the hotel's talent market and neighboring districts and source students from tourism schools: pre-opening business preparation progress lists the arrival time of the corresponding recruiters. For highly specialized business departments, such as the kitchen, the team can be organized in a lump-sum manner to ensure the overall quality of the employees and the quality of service. 

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14. Prepare the budget for the pre-opening operation of the hote

There are generally several main items used in the preparation and design of the hotel opening process: start-up fee, staff recruitment and training fee, logo system design fee, opening ceremony fee, staff salary, related transportation, inspection, communication, accommodation, office and other expenses. After determining the introductory budget for the operation of the hotel before the opening of the hotel, an application for this part of the funds can be submitted to the investor. Taking into account the possible uncertainties, a part of the unforeseen expenses should be added, which is about 10% of the total expenses. Pre-operational funds before opening the hotel should generally apply the principle of "wide use, narrow use" to maximize cost savings and profit.

15. Compilation of the various management systems, service standards and operating procedures of the hotel

 According to the hotel's business plan and management requirements, compile the hotel management system, service standards and operating procedures, and incorporate them into the "Hotel Operation Manual", which will be implemented after approval. 

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16. Preliminary preparations for personnel logistics area

Before staffing, logistics preparations should be made, including locating accommodation, training classes, training supplies, service personnel and related logistics management systems. 

17. Compilation of a comprehensive training plan for the hotel 

The training plan includes professional training for management personnel, induction training for employees, etiquette training, service quality standards training, business knowledge training, fire safety training, food hygiene training, and training on laws and regulations related, etc.

18. Implementation of the training plan 

In accordance with the requirements of the training plan, various stages of training courses are presented, which are divided into general courses, professional courses, and practical operational courses. During the implementation process, training trainers, training requirements, training time, course arrangement, training impact investigation, training phase testing and other implementation plans should be included to ensure the effective implementation of the training plan. 

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19. Model room review

The management team asks the hotel construction team to provide modular rooms for different types of hotel rooms, for room layout, furniture configuration, bathroom sanitary ware, lighting fixtures, guest amenities composition, cotton fabrics composition, electrical appliances, artwork accessories, air conditioning and exhaust system, and fire-fighting facilities, door lock systems, anti-theft equipment, etc., set specific requirements, sealing the door after passing the examination as the standard for acceptance.

20. Prepare a purchase plan for business supplies

Prepare a purchase plan in accordance with the previous business plan and the hotel's position on the market. The scope of purchase includes office supplies, cotton fabrics, electrical appliances, audio-visual conference equipment, in-store service vehicles, glassware, mechanical and electrical equipment, cleaning supplies, printed materials, guest supplies, furniture racks, tools, staff accommodation supplies, miscellaneous kitchen supplies , food raw materials, fresh seasoning raw materials, craft adornment, management system software, firefighting devices, security tools, decorative parts, arid land reclamation devices, low-value and easy-to-use, vehicles and other purposes. When preparing a purchasing plan for business supplies, details such as product name, quantity, specifications, origin of the brand, quality requirements, estimated price, purchase cycle and arrival time should be marked.

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21. Assist the investor in reviewing and confirming the hotel equipment selection plan 

In order to facilitate the opening, use and maintenance, the hotel management should cooperate with the investor to do a good job in the selection of equipment. The hotel equipment selection plan mainly includes projects such as engineering mechanical and electrical equipment, firefighting equipment, furniture supplies, kitchen equipment, laundry room equipment, communication equipment, cleaning machines, management system software, and intelligent door lock systems. 

22. Implementation of the purchase plan 

The investor can implement the specific purchase plan by submitting bids according to different procurement projects, and the management party is responsible for determining the quality of samples. Due to the different scales of market supply in different regions, some small items in the procurement project can also be resolved in the form of local self-collection to save purchase costs.

23. Sorting room numbers 

Room numbers are arranged according to the hotel's floor conditions. When arranging, you should pay attention to the number of taboos for common domestic and global consumers. For example, most European and American guests block the number “13”, Italian guests think the number “17” is unlucky, and Chinese guests block the number “4”. The number sequence should be uniformly classified, and the same room type on different floors should be assigned the same number suffix to facilitate identification of guests and hotel staff.


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24. Hotel phone number resource allocation

Coordinate phone number resources, divide the corresponding line numbers for guest use and personal use, plan the distribution of direct dial numbers and extension numbers, formulate rules for the use of hotel phone numbers for personal use.

 25. Compile the detailed marketing plan and implementation plan for the operating department.

On the basis of the operation plan, refine the marketing plan of the operation department, including the opening promotion plan, the VIP card issuance plan, the restaurant marketing plan, the festival promotion plan, etc. 

26. Compilation of operating budget 

Operating budget is prepared on the basis of operating plan, and the calculation of operating income, operating costs, operating expenses, operating profit and other items of the hotel operation department and management department management are calculated in the form of traditional tables. The operating budget is first planned and formulated for discussion, and the results of the budget should be slightly higher than the expected return on investment for the investor. The operating budget approved for implementation will be adjusted quarterly or semi-annually in accordance with actual operation and market changes during the implementation process. 

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27. Compilation of the hotel operation and decoration plan 

The operation and decoration plan includes the hotel's master color selection plan, the flower and green plant decoration plan, the artwork placement plan, the decorative painting placement plan, etc. The main design focus is on the decoration of the hotel's surroundings, lobby decoration, guest room decoration, dining area decoration, leisure decoration and public area decoration lights.

28. Hotel VI design 

Hotels generally invite professional companies to propose VI system design plans. The plans mainly include hotel logos, English fonts, theme colors, neon light design, printed logos, signage design, artwork placement, etc.

29. Dealing with the administrative approval procedures for opening a business 

Most of the information regarding the handling of administrative procedures is provided by the investor, and the administrative side has little information in this regard, so the administrative side often helps the investor in dealing with this business. Different hotels operate in different locations, and government departments have different requirements for hotel companies to apply for establishment.Hotels can go through relevant procedures according to specific local conditions. 

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30 After the implementation of the hotel warehouse procurement planning and construction plan

The management party should urge the project construction party to complete the hotel warehouse construction work in advance, and reasonably plan and build various departments and hotel warehouses. The general warehouse of the hotel, drawing up a corresponding plan for receiving the purchased items. Facilities and equipment such as shelves and pick-up vehicles in the warehouse area must arrive ahead of schedule. 

31. Completion of Purchasing Plan 

After the purchasing plan is implemented, a large number of materials and items will arrive at the store one by one. The management body should organize personnel to receive and inspect the goods according to the arrival time of various items in the purchase plan, and a special person should be responsible for registering the goods. 

Warehousing, direct communication, placement and placement of items are carried out by all departments according to the purchasing plan. When storing items, you should pay attention to the shelf life and methods of storing items to reduce losses. The hotel management should also locate the storage of waste and waste packaging boxes, and send a special cleaning team to sort and handle the recyclable waste. 

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32. Fixed asset accounting and bookkeeping 

After the arrival of various equipment and materials purchased, the hotel should check and check all fixed assets, and do a good job of managing the hotel's first level accounts and bookkeeping. The second level of detailed accounts for each department, and work on establishing the custodian system and the asset management system at all levels, and verifying the time limit for the inventory of fixed assets.

33. Cooperation with the investor in the quadruple acceptance of the construction of the hotel project

The management party will cooperate with the investor to participate in the four-way acceptance of the quality of the hotel project organized by the hotel project approval party, the investor, the constructor and the person responsible for the project. Admin. The main point of management acceptance is to check whether the construction quality and construction process of guest rooms and other functional areas meet the standards. Among them, the guest room acceptance criterion is to see if the guest room construction standards are compatible with the typical rooms process. 

Since the management party is the actual user of the hotel facilities, the acceptance report must be properly maintained, copied and saved in time. If any construction quality problems are found, the project construction body should be contacted in time to plan the rectification plan and implementation time. 

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34.  Receiving hotel keys

Most of the construction work of the hotel receiving the hotel key adopts a “turnkey project”, and after the project creator transfers the key to the management, the construction is considered the end of construction. The hotel management body can send the security department to be responsible for handing over the keys with the project construction party. The specific operators must check one by one, record and archive them, keep the spare keys for use by different departments, and formulate a key management system in a very responsible situation. 

35. Backup and archive completed engineering drawings 

Completed engineering drawings are the most important direct information for the hotel for future engineering maintenance and renovation. The hotel shall keep, backup and archive properly completed drawings. The hotel management body can send the administrative department to be responsible for the backup and delivery of the completed project drawings with the investment and construction party. After delivery, all drawings should be recorded and archived, and the relevant drawing management and filing system should be formulated. 

36. Receive mechanical and electrical equipment data

The hotel's engineering department is responsible for handing over the electrical and mechanical equipment data with the investment and construction party to receive electrical equipment data. After receiving the relevant information, it should be recorded and saved, and the relevant business department will list the warranty period and maintenance plan for all equipment according to the actual situation.

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37. The organization of the hotel's wasteland reclamation plan

Wasteland reclamation plan generally divided into three times: 

1. The reclamation of coarse arid land, the main work is the removal of construction waste outside and inside the hotel and the cleaning of dead corners; 

2. Good barren land reclamation, the main task is to make sure all areas of the hotel are clean. hygiene standards conform to standards; 

3. Reclamation is for inspection and planning, the main work is to clean up the tail and place the items, so that the hotel can reach the status of customer pick-up. 

38. Application for working capital 

The hotel management team must verify the amount of working capital of the hotel in accordance with the approved operating budget, formulate a plan for the use of working capital, and submit it to the investor in the form of a written application. 

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39- Opening Ceremony Plan The Opening 

Ceremony plan includes the opening ceremony time, venue, participants, host, ribbon-cutting guests, ceremony, celebration activities, venue planning, advertising, visiting methods, celebration banquet arrangements, escorts, welcome and delivery procedures. Celebration gifts, delivery of invitations, car arrangements and other specific matters. 40. Create an operating account The financial department of the hotel should arrange reasonable use of funds in accordance with the working capital allocated by the investor, create a hotel operating account, and do a good job of analyzing and releasing indicators from the operating budget. 

41 Hotel equipment operation 

The hotel equipment aspect is conducting a trial operation of hotel equipment, mainly including operation of equipment such as power distribution, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, electromechanical, lighting, telecommunications, kitchen, laundry, etc. During the debugging process, the operation, operation, dripping, leakage and safety problems that may occur during the operation of the equipment should be fully considered. Upon commissioning, the construction team must be notified to attend and contingency plans developed.

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42. Exterior wall cleaning and insecticidal treatment 

Contact a professional cleaning company to clean the exterior walls of the hotel before opening, and contact the local health and epidemic prevention department to do insect control and insecticidal work inside and outside the hotel. 

43. Full-load trial operation 

The hotel management organizes various departments of the hotel to carry out 48-hour full-load trial operation, and formulates emergency plans at the same time. All hotel staff are on duty according to normal working shifts. During full-load trial operation, all departments should report problems in time and deal with them in accordance with emergency plans. Full-load trial operation is the last major training before the hotel opens. During this period, the management can invite investors and industry experts to try the hotel and collect their feedback on the hotel facilities, equipment and services, so as to better Prepare for pre-opening operations. 

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44. Implementation of the opening ceremony 

The hotel management party will implement the opening ceremony step by step according to the opening ceremony plan approved by the investor, and make all preparations for the opening of the hotel. 

At this point, the pre-opening operation of the hotel project has come to an end, and the hotel will officially enter the market operation period.

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