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Greeting customers is like greeting your guests    

80% success when customers come to the business. In terms of customer service, 80% of success is treating visiting customers as if they were their own. When guests come to our house, we greet them right away, right? It's a small thing, but in hotel service, offering a friendly and timely greeting to customers has a deeper meaning. The client waits 30 or 40 seconds, but often feels like they've waited 3 or 4 minutes. Time seems slow when ignored, instant compliments reduce customer waiting stress.    

Friendly greetings can allow customers to relieve stress in an unfamiliar environment, so that service work can be carried out smoothly. Therefore, we require service personnel to provide instant greetings, conversations and loud sounds as soon as customers enter the hotel, so that guests feel welcome.    

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Treat 'returning customers' positively    

For hotel restaurants, customers may come for the first time or for the second time, and the customers who come for the second time are repeat customers of the restaurant. If hotels and restaurants want to occupy the market, they must attract customers to experience consumption for the first time. Only then can they be called "return customers" for the second consumption.   


Sincerely praise    

Everyone loves to hear sincere compliments from others, and spending a few seconds to say a few compliments to customers can effectively increase the friendship with customers. Getting yourself into the habit of compliments can quickly change your relationship. Creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere of service and providing it to customers.    

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Meeting customer needs through "exceptional service"    

Exceptional Service has some flexibility and creativity. Customers are "paying for services" consumers who yearn to enjoy their "psychological needs" in the restaurant, a manifestation of "economic psychology".    

As a result, it has evolved from "single service" to "double service", that is, to win customer satisfaction not only through high-quality "functional service", but also through high-quality "psychological service", and the importance of "psychological service" will increase one day. after a day.  


(1) Although peeling “shrimp skins and crab shells” is an exceptional service, if guests really need it, it is not bad if you can really please the guests; And you must guess the mind of the guests and serve the guests before they do that. provide high-quality "psychological service" to guests; Fully embodies the spirit of "helping others".    

(2) “Produced” a relaxed and happy mood for guests, and provided guests with high-quality “psychological services”. A relaxed and happy mood and good memories of guests are our "products"; It fully embodies the spirit of "professionalism".    


How to provide comfort and market in "convenience"    

"Convenience" is a huge market, and only through this market can we develop customer sourcing.When the guests are feeding, pay attention to the dining dynamics of the guests, capture the guests' body language in time, that is, the information on the needs of the guests, accurately detect the small movements of the guests, provide services to the guests in a timely manner, and facilitate the guests to eat normally.


For example: help guests pack their bags, get hot and cold towels, provide lighters, park and wash cars, buy movies, buy birthday cakes, buy first aid medicines, provide cigarette vending services, etc.    

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People love to hang out with people they know    

People love to interact with people and environments they are familiar with, and have a natural suspiciousness of strangers and environments. 


As a hotel employee, you should try to make yourself familiar to others and make the hotel familiar to others.   


Remember the names of the guests, understand the taboo for the guests, memorize the taboo and the hobbies of the guests, especially some "returning guests". When the guests come to the restaurant again, the familiar people and the environment will make the guests feel a kind of intimacy and become loyal to the "return customers" of the restaurant.    


Learn to talk to customers with eyes    

In situations where you can't speak out loud,  you can make eye contact and tell the customer that you want to serve them. But a reasonable arrangement of time is very important. We recommend the ten-second rule. Even if you are busy entertaining someone else, make eye contact with the customer within 10 seconds.    

As with a verbal greeting, you do not have to interrupt the ongoing service with the customer. Just a pause and a peek can attract new customers and drastically reduce complaints and dissatisfaction caused by customer exclusion.    

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"Tie" the guest    

Patient service can influence customers and “win” their satisfaction and cause customers to change from “intentional rejection” to “satisfactory acceptance.”    

Self-esteem is one of the most sensitive nerves in humans. A person feels respect when others treat him with kindness and enthusiasm. Therefore, in service work, we must emphasize 'equality of treatment'.    

Whether communication between waiter and guest can go smoothly depends largely on whether the waiter knows how to protect the guests' self-esteem.    

For example, the speed of catering in a restaurant relates not only to the attitude of service, but also shows whether or not you respect your guests. Regardless of the price of the dish, it must be produced under normal conditions; No matter how many dishes are ordered, they are all guests and have a right to be respected.    


Start with the small things    

(1) The valet wine storage service will have two effects:    

A: It is a pity to throw away the famous wine that the guests cannot finish drinking, and it is too worn out to keep. It is best stored in the restaurant, and the bottle of wine with the brand on it appears to be bait, which will eventually attract customers to come and consume it.  

B: It can meet the psychological needs of customers who want to be respected. If you walk in front of the wine cabinet and see a bottle of wine in the cabinet with your name on it, what an honor.    

(2) Provide a seat card for guests, and mark the company name or sign in a prominent place in the restaurant.  


(3) Provide the word "hi or shu" for guests' wedding banquets and birthday banquets, and play "wedding songs and birthday songs", so that the guests can feel joy and celebration.    

(4) Set up special cutlery and wine glasses to tie guests' hearts.    

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Say please and thank you    

It may sound outdated, and you may say that some clients are not polite with you, but that's not their job.    

“Please” and “thank you” are important words that are easy to say and worth repeating when it comes to building close relationships with clients and gaining their loyalty.    


Address by first or last name    

person's name is his or her favorite sound that he or she hears. We all feel friendly when others try to find and use our names when they write to us and, where appropriate, introduce ourselves to clients and ask them for their name.    

If it's inconvenient, get the customer's name from a credit card, reservation form, or other document, and you'll find unexpected results in your work. However, don't get too intimate quickly, it's usually safer to call out "Mr. x, Mrs. x," and if people like to be called by their first names, they'll let them know.    

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Listen to customers and ask “what should I do” often    

Few people can really listen to other people's criticism. The style of listening to criticism offers the best chance of exceeding expectations. It is important to listen to other people's opinions, because some of the best ideas come from other people's criticism of you. To be a good listener, you must first develop an attitude that is receptive to criticism and how to listen to opinions.   


Start by judging what people say, not how they say it; Hold your breath and don't judge right away until the customer has finished speaking; Learn to maintain eye contact, learn to listen to other people's conversations; prevent distractions and always treat the customer as the center of attention; Having clients clarify the situation so that their needs are fully understood. Instead of being aggressive, ask questions in an honest and spontaneous manner. In conclusion, it is important to get customer feedback to better assess their expectations.    


Smile is necessary    

As the saying goes: “You can’t wear full business clothes without a smile on your face,” or as the satirist says: “Smile, smile makes people wonder what you want to do.” But most importantly, it tells customers that they are in the right place and in a friendly environment.    

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We appreciate the diversity of others, including them    

In the daily service reception work, most customers are nice, there are a few people who are clearly difficult to serve and like to make trouble. Each person has a unique personality. Most people who like to annoy us are the type of people who don't like us. We have to learn to accept this difference, but know that as long as we treat our customers well, we will make them feel friendly.    

This requires us to constantly enhance training in language communication, get rid of negative and arbitrary habits of doing things, focus on the positive side of your “freedom” (speaking from the heart) and comment on others. Don't make judgments like "This guy is stingy to death" and say, "This customer is very price conscious." Don't say, "Can you imagine what that ugly dress would look like for that lady?" Say, "She wears it funny."    


Word of mouth is the best advertising effect    

"Word of mouth" advertisements showing "credibility and enthusiasm" and "quality dishes and services" are suitable for any restaurant or restaurant. Only by opening up new sources of customers can more “return customers” become “return customers,” and the business can continue to thrive when the customer flow is constant.    

In short, returning customers depends on your service, your business knowledge, and the art of marketing.    

On the basis of providing high-quality services, it is necessary to fully mobilize various promotional methods, pay attention to the art of marketing, constantly learn lessons, constantly summarize experience, and think more about the flexibility of "software services", so that the overall service of the restaurant will have a "quality" leap.    

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