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How can hotels avoid opening the same room repeatedly? Here are some ways to solve this problem!


Reasons to open the same room repeatedly  

1. The front desk is neglected.    

For example, type 816 as 618. You can say that he was busy at that time, there was another phone call before the room key, and there were guests waiting, but if you are careful enough, you can avoid it.  


2. Excessive confidence in the experience contrary to standard operating procedures.    

For example, the practice of first issuing a room card and then checking in shows the importance of uniformly implementing standard operating procedures.    

3. Lack of basic rigor and good professional habits.    

For example, opening the door without verifying identity.    

4. Lack of focus at work.    

The morning shift may not sleep well, the average shift is too frivolous, and the night shift is prone to drowsiness.    

5. Lack of tacit understanding of the work.    

For example, when he is particularly busy, notification between colleagues who sell homes at the same time avoids double housing.    

6. The room is full, are you ready?    

Both the president and high-ranking CEOs are happy to see the whole house, but not necessarily anyone who cares about accidents that might happen after the house is full, (high-level management usually has a sweet dream when the accident happened) and a response plan once the accident happened.    

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How to avoid opening a same room repeatedly 

In order to ensure the same room condition, avoid the occurrence of wrong double rooms and rooms, and ensure the safety of guests and hotel property, it is necessary to cultivate awareness of "frequently check":    

1. That is, the front desk staff frequently check the room number in the room;    

2. The guest room staff and security personnel should check the guest room number information with the front desk staff frequently when opening the door;    

3. Before opening the door for guests, check the opening notice according to the standards and follow the standard opening process, do not swipe the card directly to open the door.    

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In the daily work of the hotel should pay attention to the following aspects:    

Precautions at the front desk    

1. Check-in card    

The front desk takes care of checking the room condition and room number in the open room when making the room card. The room condition number, room card number and room card suite number must match.    

2. Guest changing room    

The front desk should change rooms in the system in time, and the room host needs to reuse the original room card when changing rooms for guests. Make sure the room card held by the guest is the same as the system room number.    

3. Sign out    

You must request the room card in time, check out in the card making system, and notify the guest room to check out.    

4. Door opening service    

When issuing the door open notice to the guest, pay attention to write the guest room number and notify the operator in time.    

5. Card making system    

When making cards on the card making system, when you see the current room card information, pay attention to check whether it will create a heavy card or open the wrong room.    

6. Other    

When receiving several guests at the same time, you should be calm, do not give the wrong room card, and pay attention to whether the guests have the correct room card.    

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room notes    

1. Door opening procedure    

The room attendant is not allowed to open the door at any time without seeing the opening notice, and she must check with the front desk before opening the door;    

Pay attention to whether the room number reported by the front desk is consistent with the room number filled in on the door open notice;    

Follow the standard opening procedure, do not swipe the card directly to open the door.    

2. Customer confirmation    

After cleaning the room, be sure to check if the door is closed. When the guest comes back while cleaning the room, check if the room card the guest holds can open the door to make sure the guest enters the wrong room.    

3. Other people    

Mid-duty workers and night-shift security guards are also subject to the above rules.    

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How are customer complaints handled?    

Of course, it is very rare for a hotel to have a same room repeatedly, but a same room repeatedly often causes serious consequences, so when dealing with it you should be firm and polite. 


一, who will deal with it.    

Generally speaking, it is difficult for managers to open the same room repeatedly, and even feel helpless.

In the matter of who is in charge, there are two things to consider:    

1. Whether the response of the guests is too strong;    

2. Whether you have enough experience to deal with it, if not, seek help from more experienced people in time. If the guest response is general, such as a request to change rooms, you should be satisfied immediately without delay. Inform the Duty Front Office Manager as soon as possible thereafter. If the customer has a strong reaction, he should inform the front office manager immediately, and seek help from the general manager of the store and the manager on duty based on the situation.    

二, find out what happened.    

Not the cause of the event, but a general condition. Those dealing with it should have a clearer understanding of the incident.    

三, timeliness.    

Regardless of whether the guest reacted aggressively or not, the same room repeatedly opening had already caused negative effects on the guests of both parties involved. At this time, there should be a sense of relief like firefighting, and the sooner the solution the better. No matter how busy you are, the heavy room issue should be prioritized to avoid condensing and fermenting the feelings of the guests.    

四, take the initiative to apologize and exceed expectations.    

Now that the error has occurred, the front office manager or even the general manager should personally apologize to the guests, ask for their understanding, and at the same time, comfort the non-responding guests forcefully.    

If the guest has a strong reaction and it has a great effect on the guest in addition to the comfort, it is necessary to give the guest some discounts, privileges or compensations depending on the condition of the hotel. For example, late check-out time, upgrade to a suite, etc.    

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五, find the cause.    

Sometimes the cause of a same room repeatedly opening may not be obvious, and it takes some effort and judgment to find it.    

It should be noted that the same room repeatedly opening is a sudden and emergency situation, and is not suitable for investigation of the cause at that time, because it does not meet the principle of punctuality, and must then be settled to warn other colleagues.    

六, follow up.    

It includes two sides:    

1,continue to take care of both parties in the  same room repeatedly opening, especially the party that entered later, until check-out.   


2,from the perspective of the system, drawing inferences from one case to another, and making constructive suggestions to avoid the occurrence of heavy houses from the source. As for sections, organize them into administrative states. For interested parties, corresponding penalties will be given as a reminder and will be included in the employee's evaluation.    

Handling of the same room repeatedly opening sometimes affects and shows deficiencies in the entire hotel's operating mechanism and operating conditions. Staff and managers at the front desk need to feel the crunch, because any slight negligence on their part can have a huge impact on the guests.    

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