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How can the hotel industry maintain the normalization of the epidemic?


Under the normal state of the epidemic, in fact, the traditional thinking pattern is no longer in line with the "past" phenomenon, and must be viewed from a lower level of thinking. On the one hand, it is the understanding of the state, and on the other hand, it is the change of business thinking. This is a very important primary key. I think at the current stage, "survival is the last word."    

The hotel industry is actually an "off-season" and "peak-season" revenue model to match the return on investment to create a perception of customer experience, business opportunities for staff growth and development, and at the same time push customers to the third space outside to meet market demand and supply, the model industry show. The real factor behind this case is up to the hotel to decide.

 The only thing that cannot be decided is that the store is like a scenic spot is an expression of great economic benefits. Other stores can mainly satisfy large customer sources such as transportation, community, administrative services, core business circles, floating population, etc., as well as market dominance.    

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In the hotel's winter, more expressions of the natural state are still reflected in the "off-season". For off season and peak season, I think that's just a "cyclical" statement. The real measurement still needs data to show, similar to holiday cycles like May 1st and 11th etc., I think it can only be said as a profit opportunity for the hotel industry, it can't be defined as peak season. 

The real revenue, I think, is high season with a good average execution price and a good discount rate. Good occupancy rate, good occupancy rate, good customer source and good off-season income can be balanced and matched, and at the same time it can satisfy the situation of benign development.    

current situation: 

First, change the revenue maximization model to revenue maximization. In fact, the gist is the concept of getting out of the slack season. I think that this concept is only for traditionally minded people, that is, the subconscious thinks that the number one is winter, and there are few people.

The second is the decrease in the floating population due to the epidemic, which is also a superficial phenomenon of the macro, but more must be taken into account by the basic logic.

The overall market, the commercial district market, the urban market, the same brand, competing stores, whether the hotel business is good or bad, do not just look at this problem from its own stores, this has its limitations and can not be implemented from the perspective of the macroeconomic market.

 Measure and compare, self-exploration is the beginning of the wrong behavior model, customer source structure data, central channels, customer agreement sources, members, OTA channels, individual customers door-to-door, etc. , this ratio of customer sources is reasonable, and whether it is in the direction of a virtuous cycle.    

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Business is not good, whether it is doing customer sourcing or market analysis.Basic logical reasoning is always correct. We need to jump out of this bottom layer and measure it from a revenue management perspective. If the RP of competing stores in the same area, same commercial area, and same score is higher than them, this means that his business is not doing well, no matter if it is in the off season. 

No matter whether the occupancy rate is 100% or higher in the market or the high season market, if the normal operating rate is lower than that, it means the business is not good. This is an established fact.    

On the contrary, if it enters the domestic market and provincial cities in the off-season, the occupancy rate of each store will not reach 80%-100%, the room is not satisfied, etc., the occupancy rate, RP, the average price of its own stores are all at a high level . case, it means that relatively speaking, their business is still possible.    

If we consider the problem from a market perspective, we need to analyze by brand, product, traffic, customer source, etc.    

If there is traffic in the market, no matter what season or high season, others can fill the room, but the hotel business is in poor condition, it means that your own business is very bad. At this time, you need to check the status of the store itself. Analysis, management, customer source, products, etc. are all comprehensive and detailed. It is necessary to find, analyze, pose and solve problems through analysis to achieve improvement.    

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Hotels are divided into new stores, mature hotels, old stores, and in fact, among these three differences, the direction of revenue management is also different, but the result is the same, hotel revenue maximization is the basic problem of investment. 

New store preparatory work, traffic, word of mouth, influence, marketing strength, precipitation of mature hotel members, stable second occupancy rate, agreement management and maintenance, etc., old store product upgrades, value-added services, ingenuity return to the core of the service .  


The first is to have a reasonable store price and execution price in managing new store revenue. 

The second is to divide room types into specials, promotions and main room types. In this way, basic traffic can be stabilized under the condition of ladder type room rates. 

The third dimension is to take into account the core of the hotel customer source, which requires referring to the hotel city, market supply and demand, transportation, commercial area, etc. to meet the market research work, expand the market through market research results to fill in the customer source, after the occupancy rate is stable Income opportunities can only be considered at this time.    

Mature hotel revenue management is really more about the business of execution. Mature hotels have a certain basic guarantee after going through the rising period, new stores, both in terms of traffic and customer sources. 

On the other hand, the hotel has meaningful reference data and rates. At this time, the hotel needs to meet the requirements through tools. 

The first step in revenue management for a mature hotel is to pre-purchase the base price with reference to the same brand and products in the same period and business area.   


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In this pre-embedding process stage, pricing should be formed according to the pattern phenomenon of January-December, low season and high season,the second dimension of reference is the cycle of holidays, conferences, exams, exhibitions, competitions, large-scale events, etc. 

The second step is to determine the weekday and weekend rates and room types that are common in mature hotels. 

The third step is actually the inspection process, which requires attention, change and adjustment through supply and demand from traffic and customer sources.   


Managing revenue from vintage stores is actually a very thoughtful job. At the moment, not only ideas, models and innovations are needed, but hotels can not be compared with new stores and mature hotels in terms of years of operation and products.


If there are advantages, then the disadvantages will appear naturally. The advantages are that the hotel has a long operating cycle, brand influence, high popularity, high second-time occupancy rate, etc., and the disadvantage is that the products and facilities are outdated, etc. This has posed the primary problem of losing customers, and of course it will also affect revenue management.    

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The first step for such an old store is to sort out the prices and complete the basic work of activities and promotions with the existing product facilities of the hotel and the advantages and disadvantages of competitors in the business area. 

The second step is to manage the operation of the channel and ensure that the price is not. 

The third step is to devise value-added services, prepare IP addresses such as movie themes, couples themes, etc. to fill in the customer source.

The fourth step is to maintain and manage customers, through marketing and marketing Digital for brand promotion, mining agreement units, government agencies, etc. to ensure hotel traffic.    

In the hotel operation process, there is a greater use of resource integration to enrich, but the essence of customers can not be ignored because of the concept, so there will be problems such as losing customers, more hotels may feel that they are in the center of a specific location, the room will be full, this is a misconception, still better Performance for the performance of the hotel business need a comprehensive approach to assist in the assessment.    

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For hotels that do not care about services, products, management, relationships, etc., business downturn is inevitable. Good hotel is customer centric, effectively enhances it, and establishes a comprehensive service that integrates management implementation, teamwork, and product value-added services.  


The service is the basis of the impression of the hotel. It is also an expression of customer experience perception, which is also an endorsement from the hotel. It is necessary to let clients feel different treatment and feelings, a second 'home' when traveling, rather than the concept of 'God', in order to establish effective communication. 

Measures to develop customer loyalty. In the group brand, there will be members, contract customers, etc., which constitute the core of the hotel's customers. Effective development and maintenance will enhance the establishment of interdependence between hotel and customers, meanwhile, it can form a natural role in word of mouth.    

Products are the basis of hotel management. To meet the needs of sanitation, sleep, network, utilities, space and other accommodation office. Products are the main way of hotel traffic, it is also the only way of hotel traffic, good product is the basic guarantee principle. 

The factors influencing the product will determine the conversion rate of the customer source, second occupancy rate, and bad products. Even if they are created through central channels or OTA channels, they will be lost due to their own product problems. 

Good products can make customers have more realistic feedback of the experience that allows the store to establish a good reputation and brand influence, meanwhile it can also increase the repurchase rate and ensure more customer sourcing rating support. 

In the current form of IP feature creation, the product concept is consistent with the consumption concept, and recognition is the true essence. For consumer groups and market value, it must conform to the main dominant demand model.    

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The team is the foundation of hotel construction. Management leadership, employee work ability, team communication, coordination ability, information synergy, and service are the foundations of the process of creating a growth system. 

To create interpersonal relationships, we must first select and appoint professional managers. This is also the basis of the store's regulations, otherwise it will fall short. A good investor is not a good manager. 

There is an inconsistency in the middle. Creating a dedicated first responsibility system can have a clear ladder, there will also be transparency and rationalization value. 


Marketing is the main strength of the hotel. Compliance marketing can effectively ensure customer matching. Common bad reviews, complaints, service awareness, service behavior, facilities, networks, cleanliness, management, etc. are all topics with high negative ratings. Strict supervision: service, quality, product, “effective management. Hotel management, just like “sellers” and “buyers” are actually merchants and consumers. 

Everyone must understand the truth. Consumer needs are satisfactory, reasonable and value for money, and the result of merchants is a service Consumers., get the expected consumer income, but there is an important core point in the middle, the sale and purchase, the transaction will be in line with the protection of consumer rights and interests, disputes and loss of profits.    

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# Price positioning    

The rock bottom period and the era of price wars will break out frequently. Lowering prices is not the purpose. First of all, it must correspond to the direction of the market. Otherwise, lowering prices can also lead to invaluable results. We must be careful and price balance. Reducing the price will make customers doubt the quality of the product and the cleanliness of the service, this is the law of logic, high quality and low price is a kind of trust)    

# Value-added services    

The important stage of service promotion is often the most important key. A vacancy for employees is actually a kind of loss. The first thing to ensure is standardization of staff services, so that customers can feel a warmer experience in the off-season. The careless treatment of a special person with special responsibility (clear division of labor, efficiency, etc.) is disrespectful negligence.    

# product service    

According to the off-season market, customer source groups are sorted. Meetings, groups, community wedding banquets, and these types of client sourcing are the major accomplishments. Information resources are integrated, mastered according to customer needs, data collection and summary, visits, and return visits.    

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# Membership Package    

Membership is a powerful support that reflects cost effectiveness. The first experience price for new members, weighing the amount of one-stop price in one month, the gift of member rights and benefits, souvenirs highlight the purpose of unanimity. The open combination of the stored value model, the product group, the members, and the stored value.    

# customer maintenance    

The customer experience is often the most important experience. Dinner service and friendly face-to-face communication (porridge, assortment, and snacks) can make for a better distance. On weekends in the fall and winter, you can extend the breakfast hours by extending the breakfast hours adjustment period, modify the exit time of the channel to improve the reputation of the store.    

# Replace the product    

Products with identity must meet the psychological needs of vision, since old products must be replaced and replaced, periodic inspection, repair and regular and new replacement.    

# Administrative system    

Set goals, have criteria, make comparisons, and at the same time, there must be an understanding of the comprehensive service system of competing products and activities, and a rigorous evaluation system must be established.    

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The hotel improves and improves its products and services according to their pain points. Otherwise, no matter how well the marketing department works, the internal management of the hotel and its services are not in place, and the guests will be lost. It is technology that retains guests. This technology includes people, products, services, management, marketing, membership, etc.    

The market is tough, the industry is beautiful, and the wine and travel industry has always been around. This is a fact that cannot be changed. In the context of market changes, the hotel industry will become more frustrated and courageous. A new look to meet new challenges.    

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