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With the epidemic become normal, how has the hotel industry changed?


In the future, the hotel industry will be dominated by four phases.

The first is the equivalence series. To meet popular demand.

The second is the medium business chain,to meet the experience perception of new generation consumption, business travel and other sources.

The third is based on a distinct cultural series. By combining and matching a product's smart digital culture, create a new label IP.

The fourth is mainly high-end luxury brands, which will also include homestays with high-end families, etc., which can be seen from the sequential planning of the major group brands. In addition, the customer experience consumption demand is also subject to new changes.    

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According to the current logic, hotel business model thinking needs new changes. In the past, the trend was to maximize revenue. In the future epidemic period, more hotel revenue should be the basic core, in order to survive the epidemic. The period leading up to the construction of the hotel.   


The first aspect is the importance of hotel property planning. Whether it is a self-built property or a rental property, there should be thorough and systematic planning and positioning, so that the return on investment of the project can be multiplied by half the effort, and the work can play a connecting role. Otherwise, it will waste the investment and bring serious risk pressure. 


Planning is an important basis for ROI, which can allow the property to get better operating space, reduce costs and waste, and rationally allocate and use project construction resources.  


The second aspect is building a matching brand. The importance of the brand is also the basis for the establishment of the hotel enterprise, and the applicable combination of product, product patience and quality auxiliary tools are also part of the hotel operating model management system.    

When doing complete planning and market research, the first thing to pay attention to is the construction and development of regional support projects, which determine the flow of people, customer source groups, consumer groups, consumer capacity and other important factors, core business areas, pivot centers, economic centers, etc. Each has its own flow effect.  


Tradition, business, business travel, and the mid to high end all have a certain contrast. First of all, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages of positioning, and then we can seize the opportunity to do a good job in attracting customers.    

A good product should have a design plan, starting from the core of the customer's needs, functions, product styles, features, convenience, perception, experience, and product patience.    

According to the project planning scheme and hotel market situation to verify the formation of a comprehensive structure that meets the demand factors.    

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The third aspect is matchmaking and team building. While the industry changes and evolves, the hotel's core technology remains unchanged. Only by focusing on internal skills and developing internal skills can we make changes to innovate. Limit behavior, attach importance to rules, and be customer centric.   


Store manager business skills, store manager business knowledge, knowledge learning, business learning, skills learning, regular management learning, professional manager platform, specialization level are to guide employees towards new understanding and advancement, and at the same time the whole event. The company's methodology is particularly straightforward, so that it can match the three aspects of employees, owners and groups.    

Staff turnover and low cooperation are common phenomena. The first is mutual trust, the owner invests in the hotel and operates and manages management personnel according to the franchise contract model, so it is impossible to arrange the right personnel to work, which causes a kind of business problem. 

You can do more communication work, in this way, the model process will be more standardized, the team-building and talent training plan will be carried out according to the entire operations management model, provide specific service work for employees, and conduct job training for employees: advise and provide platform-based promotion space, Such services will create a good atmosphere.    

Cost control management system, this is very difficult. The size of each hotel is different, and the implementation will be different. The first is the staffing of the hotel, which must meet the requirements of the ratio of person to room. This is also the core business, which is also a direct guarantee. Many hotels are understaffed for some jobs. For jobs like safety and engineering, I believe training is 100% required for service and product maintenance. The owner cannot do it himself. In this case, groups of customers will be lost, and at the same time, customers' perception of services and products will be seriously affected.    

For a channel management system,as a service industry, the problem of bad reviews is one of normalization. First of all, we must have a mentality. What we provide is a service. On the basis of service, we meet basic compliance needs. This is the service. Creating a perfect connection between consumers and merchants is our responsibility. Do a good job at work. This means that the so-called customer centricity, only by understanding the entire customer management, can the hotel's performance continue to grow.    

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The fourth aspect is the basic business of marketing. In the management of hotel operations, quality management, basic management and revenue management are the tasks that must do well in the foundation of competition. The core logic of the competition must be solid and pragmatic, so that the hotel can maintain a healthy development condition. 

In the same area and in the same business circle, there will be a competition model that is differentiated in terms of quality, service, income, management, level, etc. This is a common phenomenon and a matter that cannot be changed, but there is one thing that can be changed and modified, and that is the basis of competition.    

In the commercial concept of the hotel, channels and scenes. Crowds are the core of the competition, and the so-called "Get Members, Get the World" seems to be an ambiguous expression, but it is actually a true expression of the true meaning. Looking back, there are members in all walks of life and fields, which shows its importance and distinction.   


The difference in the hotel business should also be related to the contribution of the members. Many hotels have thought about why they want to develop members, and many hotels think about why they want to develop group members. This idea is seriously wrong, and it makes no sense to join a brand.    

Members are actually a very sticky customer group. The group has satisfied customers, employees and franchisees with comprehensive policies of membership rights, discounts, points, room nights, upgrades, stored value and malls. Competing for basic membership is the first step. This is the first step for hotels to operate solidly and practically. 

First, starting with division of labor, decomposition, policies, rights, regulations, reward and punishment systems, can effectively increase the proportion of members and contribution, at the same time, it can also increase the second occupancy rate of members, enhance publicity and promotion, effectively reduce costs .    

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The hotel scene actually includes services, cleanliness, and products. The operating income of the hotel is not really a one-time service and results, but more about the state of "tomorrow", which is a core value. Without good service and good hygiene, it is already lost at the starting line in the process: in terms of competition, services are associated with process knowledge, experience, skills and competence.    

Clean quality is in fact the core of the real customer experience, dirty, messy, and poor, which creates competition that is reflected in bad reviews. Bedding, towels, supplies, utilities, etc. are the basic items of a guest room, not only sanitation qualifications, but also supporting facilities qualifications. This is the second of the solid, realistic hotel steps, from training, rules, regulations, and processes to testing.    

The hotel crowd actually includes business trips, travelling, parent and child, etc., all of which are part of the tourist source structure. The most important thing is the essence service, to meet the needs of customers to rationalize their strict needs, in order to form the basis for the hotel operating income competition and stable circular trend.    

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The fifth aspect includes innovation. This means that the essence of the hotel stay is different. 

First, it can be reflected through value-added services as the first essential element, creating tags, creating word of mouth, forming word-of-mouth links through return visits. Records must be made during the return visit. 

The information collected is organized into brief comments, presented and discussed at the meeting, areas that can be immediately improved, places highly praised by guests are promoted, and guests' needs are included in the hotel's business activities, so that guests become our quality check. The crew, constantly working to improve the quality of hotel service, in order to attract guests to stay again. 

Secondly, it can meet the needs of customers through the pre-sale of product room vouchers, and at the same time, it can also provide assistance for the operation of the hotel part. Reducing pressure on hotel operations and promoting the state of sustainable development.    

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