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Excellent front office service and management should do these jobs well!


Personnel quality management    

The front hall is the hotel window, where the mental outlook, work capacity, service skills and service behavior of employees directly affect the economic and social benefits of the entire hotel. In front office management, in addition to scientific and effective management of the work of each front office function, it is also necessary to strictly use standards, strengthen training of new employees and continuing education of employees, establish and maintain emotional management mechanisms for employees. Good working attitude of the staff.    

Individual front office staff should also enhance their service awareness, and strive to be enthusiastic, meticulous and thoughtful; They should be generous, polite and smiling; They must have good language and expression skills, be dedicated to their jobs, and be serious and responsible. Do your job well. In order to make customers feel at home, employees must practice basic skills, follow hotel regulations, be clean and tidy, be generous, give people a sense of familiarity, and improve their personal qualities in all aspects.    

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Room sales management    

The first is to be good at getting to know people. Excellent front office staff, from the moment the customer enters the store, in the simple welcome process, they must know people with discernment, and use different sales strategies to achieve sales targets as much as possible. When speaking with guests, the front office staff should feel to the guests that the products sold by the hotel are value for money. In the process of negotiating room rates, the responsibility of the front office staff is to guide guests and help them make choices.  


When quoting from guests, different prices can be suggested according to the characteristics of the guests. When guests hesitate to choose, staff can ask questions to understand guests' characteristics and preferences, analyze themselves, introduce them patiently and in a targeted manner, remove guests' doubts, and use selling skills to help guests make choices. . Even if the sale doesn't work out, thank the guests for coming and welcoming them back.    

Once the guests have made the selection, they should express their appreciation and thanks for the selection of the guests, and immediately follow up with the follow-up procedures for the guests, so as to shorten the waiting time of the guests as much as possible. These employees must rely on regular training and coaching. Use a large number of preventative and case teaching methods to guide and exercise employees' vision and enhance their abilities in practice.    

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Reservation management    

Front office booking is a very important business. In order to make a reservation, you need to do the following.    

  1. Accept reservations.Start by referring to the control book or computer and, if there is a place, immediately fill out the reservation form. Indicating the name of the guest, the date and time of arrival and departure, room type, price, settlement method, meal standards and types.    

2. Confirm your reservation.After receiving the guest reservation request, it is necessary to make an immediate comparison between the guest's reservation and the future use of the hotel room to determine whether the guest's reservation can be accepted or not, if acceptable, the guest's reservation should be confirmed.    

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3. Refusal of the reservation.If the hotel is unable to accept the guest's reservation, it shall decline the reservation and provide a series of suggestions for the guest to choose from.    

4. Check your reservation.In order to improve the accuracy of reservations and hotel occupancy rate, before the guests arrive at the hotel, it is necessary to check the guests several times in advance to inquire whether the guests can arrive at the hotel on time? Changes in the number of guests, time and requirements? To do this three times.    

5. Cancel reservations.For various reasons, guests can cancel the reservation before the reservation arrives. When accepting the cancellation of the reservation, do not express dissatisfaction over the phone, but tell the guest that they can come to the hotel at any time in the future and be welcome. Handling cancellations properly is critical for hotels to standardize their customer source markets.  


6. Change the reservation.Changing the reservation is that the guest temporarily changes the estimated date, number of people, requirements, time limit, name and means of transportation before arrival. After changing the reservation, it must be modified in time.    

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7. Overbooking and dealing with it.Overbooking is a reservation phenomenon in which a hotel consciously uses the number of room reservations it accepts to exceed the reception capacity of its rooms within a certain period of time. Its purpose is to make full use of the hotel rooms and to increase the room rate. Overbooking should be based on the actual situation, and reasonably understand the "degree" of overbooking. If the guest cannot be accommodated due to overbooking, the hotel should sincerely apologize to the guest, ask for forgiveness, and immediately contact another hotel of the same rating for assistance. In the case of consecutive stays, as soon as there are vacancies in the store, guests will be selected if they wish.  


The above are several room reservation skills, it is also known that employees in reservation jobs have to piety, which mainly depends on the personal work accumulation of employees in the daily work.  


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Discipline management    

The front hall is an important reception place in the hotel, and in order to maintain the hotel's image and receive good guests, there should be higher requirements for employees to abide by business discipline.    

You must adhere to hotel business discipline. You must not leave your job without any reason during working hours, or leave your job without permission. You should not stay in the workplace after work. It is strictly forbidden to make personal calls during working hours and to do things not related to work. In addition, it is forbidden to eat food during the period of work; It is strictly forbidden to meet and chat, meet guests and direct people to visit the hotel without permission during working hours; It is strictly forbidden to make loud noises, play in public places, etc., and there are higher requirements for staff in the front office.    

Standing, smiling, honoring and serving in a civilized manner makes the guests feel more friendlier and safer, and no quarrels with the guests are allowed. When problems are found, the department manager and the foreman on duty should be informed in time, and they will deal with them.    

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Complaint Management    

Complaints management includes both receiving and dealing with complaints.    

in accepting the complaint, keep calm, if necessary and possible, invite the complaining guest to a suitable place, and patiently listen to the guest's opinions with an honest, friendly and humble attitude; Don't show boredom or interrupt the guest's opinion while listening. sayings; Do not argue or criticize the guests, but let the guests calm down as quickly as possible; Tell the guests in a gentle tone, and try to show sympathy and respect to the guests.    

When dealing with complaints, you should ask the employees involved to understand what happened and why, and you shouldn't listen to one side of the story. If there is an error in the work of the hotel, it is necessary to sincerely apologize to the guests and admit the error, considering that it will certainly improve, and give the guests certain discounts to make up for the error. For customer complaints that cannot be resolved within my power, I must first apologize to the guests, thank the guests for their complaints, and report them at each level promptly. The hotel will notify the guests in time after the processing results are released, and if it cannot be resolved, it will apologize to the guests again to get an understanding from the guests.    

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environmental management    

A certain amount of natural light should be introduced into the front hall, and different lights should be matched appropriately to ensure a good lighting effect. The floor, walls, chandeliers, etc. of the main activity area for guests in the lobby should be dominated by warm colors to create a luxurious and warm atmosphere. For the service environment in the front hall and the rest of the guests, the tone should be cooler, giving people a calm and peaceful state of mind, and creating a unique calm and relaxing atmosphere in the front hall.   


The front hall should have appropriate temperature, good ventilation, moderate fresh air, reduce all kinds of noise, beautify the front hall environment with soft and comfortable background music, and warm the mood of staff and customers.    

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Portal management    

The front hall door is usually composed of the main door and the side door, and the appearance of the door must be novel and distinctive, and it can have a strong attraction to the guests. The main entrance to the hotel is mostly made of revolving glass doors, the performance of the revolving door must be reliable, and the screws must be solid to prevent guests from being caught. For safety reasons, the main entrance to the hotel must be closed at night, leaving only the side doors.    

In front of the hotel gate, there should be space for guests to get on and off the bus, return lane, and parking lot, so that guests can enter and exit easily and safely. There should also be a ramp for disabled guests to enter and exit the store next to the steps in front of the main entrance, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of disabled guests in and out of the store.    

Usually, a carpet is also placed at the gate for guests to enter the front lounge after cleaning the soles of their shoes, in order to keep the front lounge clean and to prevent water droplets brought into the front lounge from wet shoes from slipping. And sliding guests.    

Work in the front office of a hotel is heavy, and it is easy to stir up emotions, but you should not have emotions. You must be able to withstand a moment of anger, and then you can get rid of a hundred days of worries. The hotel must pass appropriate training, improve the quality of staff, establish a good sense of service, have good language skills and good attitude, in order to become an excellent front office employee. The hotel should create a good environment for the staff in the front office, so that the staff have a good mood. When the staff is in a good mood, the hotel will have a good image and high quality service.    

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