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15 Hotel Front Desk Service Rules That Guests Have Appreciated So Widely, You're No Longer Afraid To Complain!



Best Regards    

Gentle greetings can make guests feel like a spring breeze, and a warm "welcome" from the service staff will make guests feel "at home".    

Hotels that focus on “making guests feel at home” will change the welcome words “hello” into “welcome home” and “welcome next time” to “come home often.” Members as well as high star hotel guests, really make the guests feel the warmth of home as soon as they enter the hotel.    

Some hotels in ethnic minority gathering places, in order to allow foreign tourists to better experience the local culture, will add greetings in local language before and after greetings in Mandarin.    

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keep smiling    

A smile is the best language, and the content conveyed by a smile sometimes makes guests feel warmer than words.    

When something is at the front desk and there is no way out of the room to greet the guests verbally, or when the guests are not approaching, you can nod with a smile and greet the guests first.    



This step is mainly intended to convey information about the hotel's pursuit of efficiency to guests through the visual senses, so that this small service can be felt. In the following cases, front desk staff should apply quickly.    

When the guest finds it difficult to move:When you see a customer carrying heavy objects or feeling unwell, you can get up quickly and come forward to actively help them;    

When choosing things for guests:When picking up things for guests, you can quickly leave to pick them up for guests, and run quickly when returning to reduce the anxiety of guests while they are waiting;    

When a customer complains:When a guest complains and the front desk or other workers come to serve them from somewhere else, walking quickly in front of the guest can make the guest feel the hotel's attention.    

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Take care of special guests    

For guests with seniors and children, the focus of front desk service can be shifted from common guests to these discerning attendants. Offers proactive care as well as proactive greetings.    

If the elderly have discomfort in their legs and feet, service personnel can take the initiative to come forward to help them, and direct them to the comfort zone to wait. In view of the vital characteristics of the children, the front office staff needs to cooperate with the parents to take care of the children.   



Caring for sick guests    

During the reception, if the front desk finds that the guests have obvious symptoms, such as coughing, pallor, etc., they can take the initiative to take care of the guests and offer them some help.    

For example: "I see you have a cough. Our restaurant made some pear soup to soothe your throat. I'll have the host send you a copy later."    


Deal with bad weather    

The front desk of the hotel is a transit point for the guests, and in the face of bad weather, the front desk can actively assist the guests to travel. For example, masks are provided for guests in dusty weather, disposable raincoats are provided in heavy rain weather, etc. Meanwhile, guests are reminded to pay attention to safety when going out.    

At the same time, in the event of rain and snow, in addition to taking anti-slip measures, the front desk can also take the initiative to remind guests to pay attention to the anti-skid.    

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Provide travel advice    

After the front desk understands the purpose of the guests' travel after calling, they can provide some information support according to their potential needs.    

If it's a leisure guest, the front desk can provide guests with certain travel plans when they are not busy, such as recommending some popular local snack spots for play strategies.    

If you are traveling on business, the front desk can take the initiative to inform nearby transportation, restaurants, and business conditions, as well as provide business services such as printing to the business traveler.    


Arrange the room reasonably    

① According to the check-in time:For guests who check in late or check out early, the front desk can arrange a room close to the elevator for them to avoid noise and influence on the rest of the other guests;    

In order of companions:If you know that guests will be staying together, then you should try to arrange adjacent rooms for guests; If there are elderly people or people with reduced mobility among the guests, you can arrange a room close to the elevator. For guests who have clearly stated that they have high requirements for sleep quality, arrange a room that faces away from the road and is relatively indoor.    

If there are special considerations when arranging rooms for guests, the front desk should inform the guests of the reason for arranging the room through words, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, such as: "I understand that you are staying with friends, I am special to your neighbors room."    

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Understand the customer's distance from you    

Talking with guests can enhance the emotional connection between the hotel and guests, and can also get more information about the needs of the guests. However, when talking with guests, the front desk should remember to understand the customer service distance, so as not to cause suspicions of "personal privacy leakage" of the guests. The following aspects should be remembered:    

① Talking time:The front office employee is not advised to take the initiative to ask too many questions. It can be set to 1 or 2. The conversation time should be controlled within 3 minutes as much as possible. for indifferent or frank guests that they will open the room sooner, it is not appropriate to make non-commercial contacts;    

② Conversation content:Avoid some more private topics, such as: relationships with guests, work of guests, income of the guest, etc.;    

③ Answer Content:After receiving the answer from the guest, each question asked by the service staff must have corresponding services and words in line with the answer of the guest. For example, if a guest is asked if they are coming on a flight, the guest says yes, and the front desk clerk should be able to recommend it. For some play suggestions, don't just answer with "um" and "oh" to confuse the guests.

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global treasure chest    

In customer service, a hotel treasure chest is essential, in case guests need it. The hotel can prepare related supplies according to the potential needs of different guests and scenarios, and the recommendations are as follows:    

① For female guests:Hair ties, menstrual supplies, cleansing oil, etc.;    

② For business clients:Office supplies such as paper, pens, staplers, document bags, etc.;    

③ For sick or injured guests:bandages, gauze, body heat needles, antiseptic, etc .;    

④ For seasons and weather conditions:toilet water, cold oil, etc. in summer, masks, warm children, etc. in autumn and winter; prepare disposable raincoats, shoe covers and other items for rainy and snowy weather;    

⑤ Other daily necessities:scissors, sewing boxes, clear glue, plastic ropes, plastic bags, etc.;    


Don't promise lightly    

For the content that cannot be fulfilled for the guests or does not belong to the scope of the hotel's responsibilities, the front office staff should not make direct promises to the guests, so as not to leave words and evidence, which will lead to confusion later.    

Don't say "I will help you", say "We will do our best to help you and cooperate with you".    

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free gift    

Telling the guests that it is a gift or free, you will feel that the hotel prepared it itself, you may not cherish it, but if it can be specially prepared for the guests, the gratitude of the guests will be much stronger.    

For example, a hotel reception wants to give a doll to young guests. If they say: "Our hotel has prepared a game for every child." But if the front desk says, "Baby is very cute, we have prepared a small gift for him, I hope he will like it." Guests will also pay more attention to the meaning of such a small gift.    


quick answer    

The hotel appropriately enables the front-line staff at the front desk, so that they can actively discover the needs of the guests to work, can quickly provide solutions to the guests, and flexibly adapt according to the actual situation of the guests.    

If the guest complains that there is a problem with the equipment and facilities of the room and cannot be resolved quickly, the front desk can quickly change the room for the guest to get rid of the guest's dissatisfaction when the room is in sufficient condition in the day, rather than waiting for the manager to change the guest, which will cause a bigger problem. Not satisfied.    

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memory creation    

After the guests leave the hotel, the impression of the hotel will gradually fade. In order to allow guests to remember the hotel and remind the hotel of the hotel when they come to town next time, the front office staff should create some memory points.    

For example, when the front desk deals with business for a guest, and sees that the ID card given by the guest does not have a protective cover, it takes the initiative to put a nice protective cover on the guest with hotel information. The cost is not high, but it can be taken by many guests. This way, even if the guests leave the hotel, when they take their ID cards, they will naturally think of the hotel.   


Another example is when presenting a souvenir to a guest, a special local decoration and gift that is appropriate for the season, which will also allow guests to feel the service of the hotel after leaving the hotel.    


hello farewell    

Front desk work cannot be ignored as the last part of receiving guests, good check-out service can improve the whole service and enhance the impression of the guests. In this step, the front desk can do two things:    

① Ask about your feelings:Understand the customer's experience in the store.If the customer is satisfied, you can direct praise more; If the customer is not satisfied, ask the reason for the dissatisfaction, actively coordinate, remove the customer's dissatisfaction, and thank the customer for their feedback.    

②Send blessings:After work is over for guests, the front desk can send warm blessings, which equates to a perfect end to the whole service. Some hotels send a bottle of mineral water when guests leave the hotel, so that guests can drink on the road, which also greatly enhances the service experience.    

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