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Teaches you how to reduce the cost of using hotel linen


In general, the washing times of cotton fabrics are approximately: 130 ~ 150 times for cotton, 180 ~ 220 times for mixed (65% polyester, 35% cotton), 100 ~ 110 times for towels, 120 ~ 130 times for tablecloths(Report only). Of course, this is under normal use and proper storage.  


Whether it is a star hotel with its own laundry room or a small to medium sized hotel that sends linen to a laundry company, they should have encountered various problems with linen, such as: sheets are yellow, sheets is damaged, Linen is not white, linen is black, linen stains are not clean, etc. The vast majority of causes of damage, yellowing and tanning are improper washing, improper handling and improper storage.    

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Improper washing    

1. Feeding time is wrong when washing. In case of insufficient water in the machine, the addition of detergent will easily concentrate the detergent on the linen part and will cause damage to the linen.    

2. Improper use of bleach. If the temperature is not right, the concentration is too high and there is too much residue after washing, the linen will discolor or even small holes will appear.    

3. Misuse of detergent. Different detergents target different stains.    

4. The washing time is short, the number of times is small, the washing residues or the program is missing and the residual acid-based detergent has not been neutralized.    

5. During washing and dehydration, the fabric is not well distributed or the high stripping time is too long, which will cause the mechanical force to tear the linen.    

6. The inner drum of the washing machine has a smooth part, which can make the sheets hang or wear out during the washing process.    

7. Different weights of linen and grass are mixed and washed and the difference is very big. Mixing is likely to cause excessive local density, breaking the grid.    

8. Mixed with other substances. Some sharp or hard residues mix, causing damage during washing.    

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  1. 1.Use the detergent correctly, check the reasonable feed time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and methods of using the detergent and avoid direct contact of cotton fabrics with strong acids or corrosive chemicals.    

2. Do a good job of sorting before washing, including sorting linens and separating the different ones.    

3. Check the machine frequently to avoid secondary pollution and man-made damage. The loading quantity must be adequate (80% ~ 85%) during washing. Too much or too little will affect the cleanliness and wear of the linen. Check the machine when it is empty. Either there are sharp dirt and iron impurities in the drum.   


4. Do a good job at sorting out the old and new linens. Physical damage and abnormal wear and tear of old linen must be treated differently. The durability of the old and the new white must be different. The duration of the dehydration time should also be different.    

5. Find a regular laundry company. Although the price of some small washing machines is cheap, if the damage rate to the linen is high, the cost will increase. All hotel managers need to know the relevant washing knowledge in order to locate and choose a high quality washing company.    

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Improper shipping    

Before and after washing, when loading the car or taking out the linen, it is easy to pierce or break the linen with excessive force or when it encounters sharp objects. Even in the process of loading, unloading and transporting linen, staff flew and trampled randomly, forming new dirty marks.    


1. Enhance professional ideological training, enhance staff's sense of responsibility in guest rooms and laundry rooms, and support conscientiousness and care for linen.    

2. Formulate strict and detailed operating procedures and every step of the operation must be followed to avoid uncivilized phenomena in the company.    

3. Improving working conditions, replenishing equipment as much as possible, resolving specific difficulties in the transport of linen and reducing the possibility of secondary pollution. For example, in the transport process, it should be equipped with a special transport cloth or transport vehicle.    

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Improper storage    

Storing linen is also a big headache. Improper storage can not only cause the loss of linen, but also potential safety hazards.    


  1. 1.Upon receipt of the clean linen, the warehouse manager and the laundry staff will jointly measure the quantity and acceptance of conduct. If quality problems are identified, they should be returned or recovered in a timely manner.    

2. When clean linen is placed in storage, it should be folded according to the regulations and every ten pieces or a custom quantity should be neat for easy use.    

3. Cotton fabrics should be kept away from moisture, the edge of the shelf between linens should be smooth, etc., while pests and rodents should also be avoided.    

4. Quilts, sheets, pillowcases, pillowcases and other items that have been cleaned for a long time should be cleaned and disinfected again before being used by guests.   


5. The linen room is managed by special staff and daily hygiene and cleaning is done. No other items may be stored to ensure that the lights go out when people leave and the door is locked in a timely manner to prevent potential safety hazards.   


The maintenance and upkeep of the linen is an important part of reducing the operating costs of the hotel. I hope that today's sharing will be useful to all.   

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