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Key points of loyalty in the hotel, do you really understand the needs of the customers?


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, for example, has built visitor loyalty at the core of its 2000 Road to Success strategic plan, while developing a Golden Circle strategic program to reward repeat visitors. 


Although some hotels have also made beneficial efforts to cultivate loyal customers, they often have little success due to a lack of specific planning and systematic planning.    

Personalized customer service    

The needs of every customer who comes to the hotel are: a hotel is another home for guests.    

Therefore, in order to understand the needs of the customers and to provide the customers with the corresponding personalized services, the hotel should try to create the feeling that it is at home for the guests, so that the guests can really enjoy the warmth , the comfort and convenience of being at home in the hotel.  

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At the same time, we must also see that customer needs have different aspects.    

In today's era of personalized consumption, it is by no means enough for hotels to apply standardized services. Hotels should pay close attention to personalized services based on standardization, customer's heart.    

However, most customer needs are like icebergs at sea, only a small part is exposed. How to locate and meet the needs of different customers so that customers can enjoy the service like home in the hotel is not easy .    

Usually hotel managers should focus on cultivating the good habit of employees to use their common sense and experience to ponder customer needs at work.    

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Learn how to meet customer expectations at a reasonable level    

The level of evaluation of the customer service in the hotel depends on his expectations for the hotel service and the level of service level that he personally experiences.    

If the service of the hotel exceeds the expected level, then the guest will be very satisfied with the service of the hotel.    

If the level of service of the hotel does not meet the expectations of the guests, even if the level of service of the hotel is objectively good, the guests will not be satisfied.    

Therefore, the hotel should improve customer satisfaction below the standard level of service and take full care of customer expectations.    

At present, my country's hotel management practice is still empty in terms of managing customer expectations and has not received the attention it deserves.    

Marketing communication has an obvious impact on customer quality. In the process of publicity, the hotel should not be unrealistic in advocacy, so as to avoid discounting customers in the evaluation of hotel services, resulting in dissatisfaction and complaints.    

In essence, managing customer expectations requires the hotel to be realistic in terms of publicity and to sincerely fulfill every promise the hotel makes to its guests.    

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Listen to the customer's voice in the service    

Many hotel managers can not actively listen to the views and suggestions of customers and handle them properly.    

In fact, not every dissatisfied customer will complain about their dissatisfaction with the hotel. It is possible for a dissatisfied customer to choose to go to another hotel without a word and he can also tell everyone around him about his dissatisfaction.    

In this way, the hotel can lose not only an unhappy guest, but also a large number of guests. If the hotel can hear the customer's voice in the service, it will be able to keep the customer.   

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So how to listen?    

For complaining customers, the hotel should listen carefully to customer complaints and suggest timely restoration plans that can satisfy guests and handle them properly.   


A famous Ritz Hotel group once proposed a golden management theorem of 1: 10: 100:If the complaint is resolved on the day the customer submitted a complaint, the cost is 1 yuan; if delayed until the next day, it will cost 10 yuan; if delayed for a few days, it may cost 100 yuan.    

By listening, he can not only reflect the care and respect of the hotel for the guests, but also know where the hotel has shortcomings and improve it, so that the dissatisfied guests can be turned into satisfied guests or even into loyal visitors.    

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Utilize and manage customer information    

Modern and advanced information technology allows the hotel to optimize the management of customer information. 


By creating a complete database file for customers, the characteristics of customers' consumer preferences, taboos, shopping behaviors and stay behaviors are recorded.    

In this way, when guests visit again, the hotel can provide targeted and personalized services to guests, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty to the hotel.   


Many well-known hotels place great importance on managing customer records. Managers believe that understanding customers is the lifeblood of a hotel.    

Through the hotel computer system, the hotel receptionist knows when a guest is checking in: if their room needs a hairdryer or if they need a taller room with a view.    

For each customer checking in, the hotel can enter the customer's personal file and when the customer checks in again, the relevant information can be quickly retrieved from the information center to provide the service the customer needs.    

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Establish after-sales communication with customers    

In China, there are few hotels that can pay attention to keeping in touch with customers after the sale. Most hotels believe that as soon as the customer checks out and leaves the hotel, the relationship between the hotel and the customer is over. 


As a result, it has become a weak link for domestic hotels to cultivate loyal customers. If the hotel can continue to pay attention to the customer after the transaction is completed, it will receive unexpected results.    

For example, a foreign hotel will send special greeting cards to customers on their birthdays or major festivals. It costs a little, but makes guests remember the hotel with joy.    

Through such an emotional bond, the customer is closely connected to the hotel, which in turn strengthens and enhances the customer's loyalty.    

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Reward marketing to stimulate customers' desire to buy    

When certain hotels develop marketing plans,In order to stimulate customers' desire to repeat purchases, give regular customers some material rewards to gain repeat customers.    

At present, this reward mechanism is widely used in the foreign hotel industry and in the aviation industry.  


Each time a customer consumes a company's products, they will receive the corresponding points. Once the points reach a specific standard given by the company, they can get free consumption opportunities. The products available for free consumption can be company products or products of affiliated companies.    

The hotel's PP strategy can not only strengthen the partnership with affiliated companies, but also make a profit on its own, achieving a win-win result.    

The essential element of hotel management is service. Without good service, it is impossible to retain customers for the hotel and create loyal customers.    

For the modern hotel guests, the guaranteed and high quality service is their eternal pursuit, therefore the provision of meticulous service to the customers should also be the uninterrupted pursuit of the current hotel operators.    

The primary factor in retaining old customers is the quality of the company's services, which shows the importance of service in the operation of the business and the hotel industry is no exception.    

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Only by always striving for perfection and perfection in service is it possible to form our own loyal customer base.    

Loyal customers are the constant driving force and productivity to promote the development of the hotel A large number of loyal high quality customers can help the hotel to constantly develop and expand the market.   


However, building loyal customers is not achieved overnight, but requires constant efforts by hoteliers to attract customers with a unique culture, serve customers with the best facilities and retain customers with warm service.    

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