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Do not be afraid of customer complaints, teach you 3 points to clarify customer complaint management!



Prevention of complaints about hotels    

In grievance management, the most important part is grievance prevention work. So-called prevention is better than disaster relief. We attach great importance to preventing complaints and promoting it vigorously, protecting customer dissatisfaction to a minimum and making full use of the most advanced resources to solve the problem, which can avoid the escalation of the problem and the actual investment of the business.    

Post-event control is not as good as event control and event control is not as good as event control.For businesses, the more serious the problem, the higher the cost of rescue, the greater the chance of missed opportunities and the greater the hidden risk. Therefore, it is wise to take action in the slightest, rather than make amends.    

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Complaint prevention should start with identifying and handling customer complaints. Complaints are a significant sign of customer dissatisfaction and companies should address them at an early stage of discovery, whether during sales or initial contact with the service, whether on site or on the contact line, and mobilize everyone The subjective initiative of their employees encourages them to handle any customer dissatisfaction or complaint they come in contact with. This positive result depends on the establishment of a good culture and atmosphere of cooperation by the company, which is also a job that needs to be done in complaint management.    

According to a survey result, out of every 100 dissatisfied customers, 69% of customers have never complained, 23% of customers have reported it to the service staff around them when they are dissatisfied and 8% of customers have not done so. received any complaints due to their complaints, resolve and file a complaint to the Customer Relations Department.Usually one customer's complaint represents the voice of 24 other customers who have not complained to the company.    

It can be seen from this that if a company commits to managing customer complaints, it will be possible for the company to restore the satisfaction and loyalty of most dissatisfied customers at the beginning of the problem and may also reduce the amount of compensation for damages caused. Therefore, grievance prevention is in itself a management tool that can reduce costs.    

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Complaints about hotels    

Accepting complaints is also a process of accurately identifying customers and accurately identifying needs.    

01:First of all, the business must have a platform to set up a customer communication center.    

02:The second is to have smooth channels such as complaint phone, e-mail, customer return visits, service channels etc.    

03:The third is to have a standard processing process, since recording, acceptance, processing, analysis and feedback are all streamlined.    

All the basic work is how to fully collect customer information and then divide and meet the different needs of different customers through standardized and humanized management.  

This diversion is not without monitoring and monitoring, but with system and process guarantees, so that customer problems can be addressed quickly in the department with the most resources and the greatest ability to deal with them, in order to improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer rejection rate.    

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Like everyone in the business, you may want to stay away from complaints. Many large companies are in a cycle of delusion. They build walls and arrange that dissatisfied customers must go through a "cursed voicemail system" or write a letter to complain. They try not to complain.    

Customers ended up turning to other companies instead of complaining about people doing everything they could to prevent them from complaining. In this way, the complaints have been leveled or even reduced. The company believes that everything works well, without knowing that customers have either turned to their competitors or are suffering in silence.  


Admittedly, accepting and dealing with complaints will increase your costs. But you have saved the relationship with the customer and you have gained feedback from the customer. The value of both can not be underestimated. Many companies mistakenly consider complaints as a measure of quality.    

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Since the complaint rate can be reduced, they are happy because they believe that this means an improvement in quality. But in reality the number of complaints you receive represents only a small fraction of the customer's problem. One study found that 69% of airline passengers and 82% of taxi passengers would not complain even if they had a problem. So fewer complaints can mean that a large number of your customers have left.    

In order to provoke complaints and not to minimize them, the goal must be clear. To increase customer complaint channels, with a centralized and differentiated grievance platform, and then to ensure accurate identification, acceptance, exit and processing, the company's grievance problems can be resolved quickly, thus improving service. the emergence of a business crisis, thus reducing the costs that companies invest in maintaining the image of the brand;    

Then we can eliminate customer dissatisfaction, maintain and restore the company's reputation through grievance redress, seek the best balance between company cost and customer satisfaction, retain loyal customers for the company, reduce costs and increase business opportunities.    

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Complaint analysis for hotels    

Customer complaints are opportunities for companies to clarify the real needs of customers, eliminate differences as much as possible and get closer to the market. The purpose of complaint analysis is to find some regular or abnormal problems from numerous specific complaints and we can find blind spots in products or services.By analyzing customer complaints, we can extract valuable things and then turn information resources into cognitive elements.    

In particular, we can inspect customer service complaint errors and find customer complaint service opportunities. Therefore, grievance analysis can provide the direction and basis for continuous improvement of the company and can also improve the company's quality management system through grievance analysis and make full use of it as market research data to exploit potential customer needs. The management of customer complaints consists in the full use of the value of complaints, the full utilization of the value of complaints and the provision of wealth to the company by the management of customer complaints.    

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Customer complaints are a link between customers and businesses and a very important information channel. While listening to customer complaints is not pleasant, business practice shows that the cost of developing a new customer is five times higher than retaining an old one.    

If a company wants to retain old customers, it must establish a good customer complaints management system within the business and constantly study the direction from complaint management to complaint management, which can not only handle customer complaints well, but also makes them really valuable. To maximize, the information provided by customers can be used effectively and play a positive role in the continuous improvement of businesses.    


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