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Principles of stain removal

According to different fiber materials and different stains, different detergent is used to remove stains

1. Remove stains as soon as possible

2.different types of fabrics take different measures

3.the action should be light, do not is especially designed to achieve the function of  which is more applicable for users.

General methods of stain removal

NO.1 Injection method

The method of removing water soluble stains by the action of jet gun. It is used in fabrics with tight structure and strong bearing capacity.

NO.2 Soaking method

The method of using chemicals or stain remover to have sufficient reaction time with the stain on the fabric to achieve the stain removal. It is suitable for the fabric with a tight bond between the stain and the fabric and the stain area is large.

NO.3 swabbing

A method of removing stains by rubbing them with a tool such as a brush or a clean white cloth. It is suitable for the fabric with shallow stain penetration or easy stain removal.

NO.4 Absorption method

A method in which stains on fabric are injected with a stain remover and left to dissolve before cotton is used to absorb the removed stains. Suitable for fine texture, loose structure and easy to decolorize fabric.


Attention should be paid to the problem of stain removal

NO.1 Pay attention to safety

Gasoline, alcohol, turpentine, etc. are flammable, and should be kept away from fire when used and stored. Oxalic acid should be paid attention to after the use of anti-virus organic detergent to seal, to prevent volatilization.

NO.2 Pay attention to the nature and use of stain remover

Strong acid will carbonize cotton, hemp, viscose fiber and other fabrics, and attention should be paid to the concentration, temperature and time. Silk, wool fabrics do not use ammonia or alkali water to remove stains, if necessary, the concentration must be low, the operation must be fast. When using organic solvents to remove stains on chemical fiber fabrics, it is necessary to prevent fabric disintegration and damage. Dyeing and printing fabrics should prevent fading and matching color phenomenon.

Stain type

Type of stain

Oil stains 

Ink stain

Shoe polish 

Sweat stains

Wine stain Soy sauce 

Shoe grease

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