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How to remove sweat stains, saliva marks, hair oil and odor on the pillow?

Causes of yellow marks on pillows    

Among all the bedding, the pillow can be called the dirtiest bedding! The saliva flowing during sleep, the sweat from the metabolism of the head, the oil secretions of the face and scalp, these substances penetrate into the pillowcase fabric, and if the pillow is not washed for a long time, the fabric is prone to yellowing. 


                                                     Yellow marks on pillows    

                                                  The saliva flowing during sleep


Cleaning yellow marks becomes a hassle    

Many people say that the yellow seal on the pillow cannot be cleaned with common cleaning methods. Some people don't even pay attention and use hot water for cleaning. cannot be washed off. So, how to clean it?  



                                                           Wash the pillow

Rice water + orange peel to remove sweat-like yellow marks    

Cook rice water with orange peel in a pot, or add a few slices of lemon, bring the water to a boil, and then cook on low heat for a few minutes. After filtering, soak it in white and yellowish clothes or pillows for a period of time, then wash it as usual, expose it to the sun, and it will return to normal! This aspect is effective against sweat-like yellow marks.    

Shampoo or dishwashing liquid, effective for yellow marks  

If the head oil on the pillow cannot be cleaned by the first method, you can apply shampoo or detergent to the oil stain, rub it after penetration, and then wash it according to the usual washing method. Because shampoo and detergent have the function of degreasing, it is also suitable for collar decontamination. 


                                             Wash with shampoo or dishwashing liquid


The pillow has peculiar smell, use baking soda and essential oil to remove it    

Pillows get damp easily and always smell unpleasant. How to make the pillow smell fresh and natural? A little spray will do it! Sprinkle the baking soda evenly on the pillow, let it sit for two hours, and vacuum the baking soda off the pillow, so as to remove the odor and moisture from the pillow.    

Then mix the essential oil and water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray up and down the pillow, so that the odor of the pillow will disappear! but,The amount of essential oil and the amount of water sprayed on the pillow should not be too much, and be careful of excessive smell or dampness.    

                                               Before the pillowcase is cleaned

                                            After the pillowcase is cleaned

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